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MARCH 1, 2017
Yup, so this week we had changes and I have been called to be a trainer! My daughter (companion but in the mission I am her mom and she is my daughter) is brand new! She has 2 dyas now in Chile and she is from Brasil! I also have to teach her Spanish. I know she will learn fast with the Gift of Tongues and with living here in Chile so I have no worries. She already speaks SO much more than I did when I came to Chile so we will be fine! She is from the south part of Brasil so her accent is very very strong! BUT we live with 2 other Hermanas also from Brasil sooo I have learned to understand what she is saying because I am used to the accent. I am living with 3 Brasilians and the two Elders in my ward are Brasilian too... looks like I am going to be learning some Portuguese!! I am pumped! 
So before we had the changes Hermana Knechtel and I were in the house for 3 days because she got so sick! She had strep-throat and then it turned to tonsilitus! She was so sick and we wer…