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The One With another Week here in Chile 2/22

FEBRUARY 22- Okay so this week, not much happened. I dont have much to write for this week so lo siento for that. I had an experience this week that was very strong and has a big mark on my mind and heart. I was on divisions with the Hermana Leaders and one of them is my trainer Hermana Ruiz. We had the chance to be companions again for one day. I was leading my sector here in Brisas and we went looking for an investigator named Luiz. Juiz is an old, cute, little grandpa who was a contact one day while we were walking in the street. We tried to get in contact with him for about 2 weeks now and just never could. I knew we had to keep going back because I felt that he needed to hear our message. We went to visit him with Hermana Ruiz and he was there and wanted to hear what we had to tech him. We sat down nd started teaching Lesson 1 about the Restauración. Within about 5 minutes into the lesson, the Holy Ghost just took over! I haven't felt the Spirit so strongly in a lesson in a v…

The One with the Last House

Here in Chile right now is summer and EVERYONE and their dog are on vacation! We were struggling to find people to teach and doing A LOT of walking in the hot, boiling sun. It cooled down here for like 2 days then it went right back up and we are dying. As many of you probably noticed I am very tan, which is so annoying that I can finally tan while I am on the mission and have the worst than lines ever! ALSO the stupid sun is literally BLEACHING MY HAIR! MY hair is no longer blonde, it is white! There is also chlorine in the water here so I am a little green. Also I am very large in the stomach are and ganing wait. Least to say, the mission is a little rough... but it is okay because it is all about the people here and not about me right? RIGHT! 
This week, like I said we were doing a lot of walking and searching for people. One day we walked and walked and walked for about 3 hours and NOTHING! We were just about to give up and go visit …

Sisters missionaries cooking "Humitas"

FEBRUARY 15- From a sister in her ward

"Greetings for you. Thanks for support your daughters im serving their mission, they have been a very important help and company for us. Saludos!" "Hi!
My name is Hermann Thomas and your daughters are serving in my ward Brisas del Maipo. Sister Cribbs and Sister Knechtel are helping my mom cooking humitas. Humitas are a chilean meal made with smashed corns that are evolved in the corn leaf and then are boiled in water. We chilean eat humitas with sugar. Humitas are so delicious!"

The One with "Being Where My Feet Are"

FEBRUARY 8, 2017
These are family home evenings with some of my favorite families in our ward and also with a new convert that we have! His name is Christian and he was baptized

just a week before I came to the sector! He is a miracle and such a faithful member! He is one of the coolest people I have ever met!

Okay so this week was a great one! Honestly never really had a bad one because I am just radiating with happiness! Buuuut this week was BAKAN! We did a lot of searching for people but also had some really powerful and uplifting moments with investigadores. We met on lady named Rosa and she was outside her house painting. I told Hermana Knechtel that we should go ask if she needed help. SHe told us no and turned her back to us as if she didn't want to talk. I thought... you are not getting away that easy... I walked around to where I could see her face and introduced myself. I am not sure what changed her mind but she opened right up and started talk to us. …