Friday, December 9, 2016

The One with all the Service with a Smile!




How is everyone? I want you all to know how much I love the letters and emails that I get. Sometimes I dont have time to reply to everyone but I always read them and have the biggest smile on my face. 

So this week has been one of the most tiring weeks on my mission. We did 15 hours of service this week and the usual is only 4... so we are just exhausted! This week we didnt have many people to teach and not many people had time so we thought we would just serve... and oh boy that is what we did. It is the best to just help people and serve them with my heart. The people of Chile have my entire heart and soul. 

So this week we are teaching a young woman who has 13 years and she is sooo great! She wants to get baptized and have a date planned for the 18th of December. She is the cutest little thing and has been going to church for a long time but we just now got the permission form her parents to let her get baptized! It is soo exciting! It is the greatest blessing to see the Gospel change lives and help people to really grow. We also this week have helped a hermana come back to the church after 3 years. We are doing a lot of reactivating here in this mission. We have 30,000 members in our mission and the number of people who are active is 3000! WE HAVE WORK TO DO! I LOVE IT!! I AM READY!! So that is what we do everyday. We wake up and we look for our brothers and sisters who need to hear the Gospel or be reminded that they have it. The mission is the most rewarding time in my life. I have never been so happy! Also, before the mission I didnt truly understand what it meant to have a prayer in my heart always. Well, now I do! I have a prayer close in my heart every single day and second. I can see the difference like night and day in my life. I feel my Savior´s love always and there isnt a better feeling! So that is my advice this week! Seek to have a prayer in your hearts always!!! 

I hope all is well this week and you are all happy! Remember that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father! I love you all soooo much!!

Until next week,

The One with Leading my Sector and Loving the Work


Hello family and friends! How is everyone doing as we are getting closer to the Holiday Season? I love that we are getting closer and closer because the Spirit of Christmas and the birth of our Savior is so strong and beautiful! So this week was great! I am leading my sector and man it is not the easiest thing to do! Actually it is very hard. I have to remember how to get everywhere, and if you know me, you know I ALWAYS go the wrong way! I also have to plan what our days we be like and really remember what everyone needs so that we can be there for the people. It is sometimes really difficult, but I have never been one to step aside and not take on the challenge. I also dont mind being the leader.. I think its because I am the oldest in my family. But I am learning so many new things! My comp is in her last 3 weeks of her mission and I am just in awe of her and trying to learn everything I can from her. This week I learned all about urgency. It is different to just be doing everything right and being exactly obedient and being urgent to do the work. I am learning to be urgent in all that we do and to diligently seek to find people to teach. There is a difference and definitely for the better! 

SO this week we taught Michaud and he is progressing so much and working for his baptisimal date. I am so excited and I just love teaching him new things and seeing his face light up with... well the light of Christ. I have so much love for the people that my heart I swear is actually growing! The families here have my heart too. I have been in the same are for almost 5 months and it just feels like home.

SO one day this week we visited an Hermana and she had a cat... Now here in Chile my alergies to cats have really calmed down... well so I thought. When we were at her house I decided to play with the cat. I was petting it and everything, but I put on some hand sanitizer afterwards so all was ok. Well like 15 minutes latter my eyes started to hurt and kind of water..... So we were in a lesson with an investigador like 20 minutes later and I could hardly see him!!!! I was itching all over my arms and my face started to turn red and my eyes were getting puffy! Poor man, he probably thought I was crazy as one of my eyes were twitchig and I was saying "I know the Church is true and that it is for you!" hahaaha. It was super awkward and my comp kept asking if I was ok and I just kept on teaching this man. HAHAHAH It was soooo funny though. SO I learned also this week that I am still allergic to cats and to not touch them. LOL. 

Also these past two weeks I have been teaching gymnastics to a little 10 year old. It started out just teaching her gymnastics on the grass at the Church but now she is investigfating the church! IT is honestly my dream come true... helping people learn about the Gospel through gymnastics. It is the best! And I  get to do a little gymnastics on the grass so I am super feliz. 

This week has been a lot of contacting and just working hard. My mom alsways told us kid that one day we are going to love to work. When I was in the house I never really understood what she meant by that.... but NOW I di. I LOVE TO WORK: It is the most rewarding thing in this life, when we put forth our own efforts and give it our all and then the Lord provides us with blessings. My advice for the week is for everyone to just try and learn to love to work. In the mission it is what we are doing every day all day. It is the best way to live our lives and I know we will be blessed beause of it! I love you all so much!!! 

Until next week,

The One with the CHANGES!!


Hola mis amigos y familia!! 

How is everyone doing and feeling? I hope that at this time of year everyone is happy and showing gratitude for all the things that we have in this life. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have just been feeling do grateful. I have never been so happy I have never been so happy in my life! The mission is the best place I could be and the best decision I have ever made in my life! 

OK so First things first, we had changes!!!! I m soooo sad. Our changes were special too. They were 2 weeks early than usual and only we had changes. My comp Hermana Ruiz was called to be an Hermana Leader. So, we had changes with the original Hermana Leaders so that Ruiz could be trained. The reason we had it early is because both of the Hna Leaders right now are leaving their missions in 4 weeks!! So my Comp now is Hermana Ibanez and she has 18 months in the mission (She extended her mission one month). So I, having now 5 months in the mission, have a comp with 18..... fun right? But the good thing is that Ibanez is honestly so great. She is from Argentina and the sweetest little thing. I love her so much already and it has only been one day! But I am heart broken to leave my mama Hermana Ruiz. We are the greatest of friends and have grown so much together. We cried and cried and cried when we separated. Now I am leading my sector and things are going just wonderfully! This past week was the birthday of Hermana Ruiz, before we had changes. I made her breakfast and gave her a few gifts that I got for her and spenD the day with families. It is so nice to have love here from the families, definitely makes it easier for holidays and birthdays.

This week I am just gull of gratitude. I am grateful first and foremost I am grateful for my Father in Heaven. He is always listening and answering our prayers because he loves us. I am grateful for my beautiful family that I have and for their love. Im grateful for all the missionaries in the world fighting for our Savior, Lord and King. I am grateful for the Gospel and the pure and infinite joy it brings me. My heart is so full of gratitude that it might burst!!! 

This is all for this week. Love you all so much!! 

Until next time, 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The One with Colombia

Hello friends and family! I hope you are all happy and living life to the fullest. Life is so beautiful and we need to live it to the fullest everyday! I am doing awesome here in Chile like always. We have our 2 investigadores with fetchas and we are working hard with them. One of them was able to come to church on Sunday. He looked at us probably every 15 minutes and just smiled and said "I feel good, I feel really good". HE doesnt speak much Spanish so his sentences are always simple. It was amazing to see the Spirit just overflow during sacrament and the classes. I know that Selio was a person already prepared my Heavenly Father to hear the Gospel! He is just great and super excited for his baptisimal date!  I gave a talk on Sunday and they wanted me to speak for 15 minutes. I was super nervous because that is a lot, and in Spanish?? Oh no! I was freaking out. But once I got up there all of my nerves were calmed and my Spanish was smooth and easy.  I ended up talking for 25 minutes!!! I guess I give long talks in both English and Spanish! LOL I just like to talk! 

So today for Pday we got together with most of the Columbians in the mission. My comp is Colombian and we went to eat Colombian food. It was soooo good! So much food but oh it was delicious! We played futbol too. So here in the mission every single person thinks I am Colombian, I guess I have picked up my companions accent and say words that are only Colombian. It is pretty funny!! Also because I have a Latina comp I am starting to forget some English... it is weird! When i talk in English with the other Gringo missionaries we tlk in Spanglish because we have forgotten what some words are. It is pretty funny! I also think in SPanish most of the time and sometimes dream in Spanish! It is crazy weird!! I love it!! 

This week wasn't too excited but some highlights were: 

One day we were walking and some kids were playing with waterballoons. They saw us and thought it would be funny to through one at us, so they did just that. We didn't really run or anything because it wasreally hot and we thought it might feel good and refreshing..... IT WAS FILLED WITH MUD!!! We had black and brown all over our legs and in our shoes and on our skirts..... those rotten little boys! We ended up laughing because what else were we gonna do? But seriously rotten! 

Another day we had once with a cute old lady and her sister. We sat out on her patio and drank dome tea and ate cookies. It was literally so cute and I felt like we were in England or something lol. 

We had divisions with the CCM again and my comp was from  Peru and so cute.

Ummmm yeah that is about it this week.  I am still loving the work and never want to take off my name tag. This is the work of the Lord and it is the best thing I could be doing.  I have never been so happy!! 

I love you all so much!! 
Until next week...