Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The One with the Bald and Frizzy

FEBRUARY 1, 2017

 Hello friends and family! 

This week was a very long week with a lot of contacting and with so much heat!! It is so hot here that I am always sweating, along with my companion Hermana Knechtel. Because of the heat, we always have our hair up and I always look bald and the Knecht always is frizzy! It is hilarious and we crack ourselves up!! I am having the funnest time with Knechtel and she is a huge blessing in my life! 

This week I am feeling so much better from the weird bite I had, actually it is finally healed up! We did A LOT of walking this week because we are looking for new people to teach. We contacted, contacted, and contacted some more. We got more bald and more frizzy everyday! At one point while we were contacting a house with a very tall gate, The lady came out and my 6 foot companion could just look over the gate and was talking to the lady. We were sharing the Book of Mormon with the people. As my companion started teaching I had nothing to do because I couldn't see the lady, so I just decided to hold the Book of Mormon up!! So my companion is teaching away and I am just holding the book up and pointing to it and showing it off! It was so funny! The lady must have thought we were very weird!! I was cracking up! I also wonder what the people must have thought on the other side of the street just watching us... lol! But we made contacting fun and just because I cant see you, doesn't mean I cant share the Book of Mormon with you! LOL

Also this week we had changes in the mission. We still wake up at the same time, but we can go to bed earlier! YES! Also we have more time at night to just chill and relax! Also Pdays are now from 9am - 7pm! It is so much longer! We have so much time and its great! President told us it is because he wants us to learn how manage our own time. We had changes in our schedule too, Now we can study and teach and do everything whenever we want. We just have a time to wake up and exercise. The rest is our choice, It is teaching me to have more time management and to be more responsible. It also helps me and Knechtel work together as a team. I am glad that I can be learning these life long skills!! 
This week we did a lot of sharing about the Book of Mormon, I love this book with all my heart. I know it to be the world of God and know it brings perfect happiness and peace. I invite everyone to read it and pray to see if it is true. Do the test that Moroni has for us. Do it more than once, but many many times throughout your life! I love sharing my testimony of this marvelous book. I hope you all can read it and feel the same way. I have seen it change lives and I know it can change yours and make it better! 

I love you all so much! Always remember to Work Hard but Pray Harder!! 

Until next week,

The One with the Blonde Leading the Blonder

JANUARY 25, 2017

This week was the greatest week! Okay so first wer had a service project and while we were there I felt a little pinch on my leg. I hurry and slapped it away and thought nothing more of it. The next day we had to go and do my Visa work. We went all the way to the Center of Santiago to do so. We stood in line for 5 hours or more nad my leg started hurting really badly. I was feeling really worried and in a lot of pain so I looked down and I had the biggest bite on my leg! It was red and with a black dot in the middle and then my whole leg and foot were swollen! Hermana Knechtel made me call the mission doctor to get it looked at. At this point I could not really walk and I had a lot of pain in my leg. I was feeling okay but a little dizzy at this point. We called the doctor  and he asked to meet with me art the office of the mission. We started heading there and we got sooo lost. Knechtel and i are not the two best Hermanas in the mission for directions. Soooo we kind of got lost. We eventually figured it out. We were just boppin around. The doctor told me I got bit by a weird Chilean bug but he didnt know which one. He told me not to worry though and that I would be okay. But he did tell me I might get sick. That is exactly hwat happened too!! I got so sick! I was in the house all day for 3 days. I got some medicine and cream though so now I am all good. But it was a fun experience here in Chile! I love the new ward I am in and it is HUGE! Very different from my first ward, but I love the people just the same! It is very very nice and so safe. Being two blondes together is really funny and it is like we are in a movie at times. Knechtel told me she thinks she is getting blonder just being with me... so that makes me feel really good.. and laugh!
my bite healing up quite nice, swelling is all down
That is all I got this week! I lvoe you all so much! Next week will be better! Love you all!!

The One with the NEW Sector and the NEW Companion!

JANUARY 18, 2017
 Hello Friends and Family! 

Yup I have been sent to a new sector of the mission and yet again have a new companion. it was one of the hardest things to leave all the amazing people in El Parron. I cried the most when I said goodbye to my Catalina. That girl has a part of my heart forever and ever. I have been in that ward for the entire time Ive been in Chile, nearly 6 months so it was hard to say goodbye. 

I have been sent to a wonderful ward called Brisas Del Maipo. It is the best! It is very different than my first ward because of many things. One, it is huge wit many members, two it is the ¨golden ward¨ with so much support of the members and everything, and three the people in the sector in general are kind. In El Parron, the people in the streets were not the nicest but in Brisas, yes! I love it! Here is my new companion today for Pday when we played with water balloons because ITS SO HOT!

The best part about my change was that I am still living in the same house! All I had to do is change my room. I have lived with the Sisters of Brisas these past 2 months! So changes were literally so easy! BUT that isnt even the best part! The best part is my sweet new companion HERMANA KNECHTEL!!! She is from Colorado and blonde and has blue eyes...... we are in trouble living here in Santiago Chile! But it is sooo fun and exciting! She is my first gringa companion so it should be different but really fun! the best part is that I have lived with her my entire mission! She was in El Parron at one point with me and then came to Brisas. So we have lived together for 6 months! We are already great friends! She has the same time in the mission as me so we were in CCM together and came here together! We are gonna have a lot of fun... and get so much crap form the members because not only are we both gringa, but blondes hair blue eyed. LOL. Im ready.. bring it on!  

I am still doing great here in Chile. It is so hot and I am dying of heat. we are always sweating and just burnt all the time, real cute I know. But it is ok because we are not out in the heat and sun all day for nothing, we are here serving our Lord and our fellow brothers and sisters. I have really learned the true meaning of service while being here. It is hot just doing the action of helping people, but serving them because you really love them. It is helping them because you see them the way that Heavenly Father sees them, as a child of God. I love offering service and as a missionary that is just what we do. Serving others has brought me more joy than ever doing something for myself. Keep serving and do it with a smile! 

I love you all so much!! Until next week, 
Hermana Cribbs

This was a little note to her brother.... talks about her language skills and the HEAT!.....

Hey little man. yes I am doing great and I am loving the mission. I usually am thinking in Spanish and dream in it too! It is really weird but I love it. I had a baptism like 2 weeks ago with Catalina. Were you able to read the message? It was the greatest experience of the mission. I loved it and really grew from it. I am boiling up all the time here because it is literally so so so hot. I have never experienced heat so terrible like here in Chile before!

The One with the Baptism!!!

JANUARY 11, 2017
 Friends and Family, 

 This week was the BEST week EVER! Yup we had the Baptism for Catalina. It was the most beautiful moment I have ever experienced! She was so nervous for here interview the day before that she even started to cry. She was nervous that the Elders would be mean and that she would not "pass". We told her that there aren't wrong answers and that they are all personal. I also called the Elders and told them that they needed to be extra nice and kind to her or else... but they were super good with her and she did awesome in her interview with such ease. I was so proud of her! So the day finally came and she looked so beautiful. She came out of the water so clean and pure. She had the light of Christ just glowing on her face. When she shared her testimony she was filled with tears and it was hard for her to find the words she needed She jsut shared her simple but sweet testimony of her Savior Jesus Christ. I was able to see it in her that she knows she is a daughter of God and that the church is true! My heart is swelled with joy and love for this 12 year old girl. She is a gift form Heaven for me and such an example. She will have a special place in my heart forever and always. I love my little Catita so much. She is a beautiful daughter of God and a blessing in my life. I feel so lucky to have played just a small part in her conversion to help her find her way to the waters of baptism and eternal life. She has changed my heart and life forever. I will be forever grateful for this 12 year old miracle. 

Okay so other updates, I have the best companion ever. We are such good friends and she is the funnest companion I have had! We are nonstop laughing and just making everything light and joyous.  I lvoe her so much so it makes me sad that we are most likely going to be changed this coming week. I think I will have changes this coming week and leave my sector. I am sad but at the same time ready and excited to see what else is out there. This week was great and one of the most spiritual and beautiful events in my life! I hope you all had the best week and always remember to work hard but pray harder.


Love you all! 

Until next week,