The One with the Baptism!!!

JANUARY 11, 2017
 Friends and Family, 

 This week was the BEST week EVER! Yup we had the Baptism for Catalina. It was the most beautiful moment I have ever experienced! She was so nervous for here interview the day before that she even started to cry. She was nervous that the Elders would be mean and that she would not "pass". We told her that there aren't wrong answers and that they are all personal. I also called the Elders and told them that they needed to be extra nice and kind to her or else... but they were super good with her and she did awesome in her interview with such ease. I was so proud of her! So the day finally came and she looked so beautiful. She came out of the water so clean and pure. She had the light of Christ just glowing on her face. When she shared her testimony she was filled with tears and it was hard for her to find the words she needed She jsut shared her simple but sweet testimony of her Savior Jesus Christ. I was able to see it in her that she knows she is a daughter of God and that the church is true! My heart is swelled with joy and love for this 12 year old girl. She is a gift form Heaven for me and such an example. She will have a special place in my heart forever and always. I love my little Catita so much. She is a beautiful daughter of God and a blessing in my life. I feel so lucky to have played just a small part in her conversion to help her find her way to the waters of baptism and eternal life. She has changed my heart and life forever. I will be forever grateful for this 12 year old miracle. 

Okay so other updates, I have the best companion ever. We are such good friends and she is the funnest companion I have had! We are nonstop laughing and just making everything light and joyous.  I lvoe her so much so it makes me sad that we are most likely going to be changed this coming week. I think I will have changes this coming week and leave my sector. I am sad but at the same time ready and excited to see what else is out there. This week was great and one of the most spiritual and beautiful events in my life! I hope you all had the best week and always remember to work hard but pray harder.


Love you all! 

Until next week,


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