The One with the Bald and Frizzy

FEBRUARY 1, 2017

 Hello friends and family! 

This week was a very long week with a lot of contacting and with so much heat!! It is so hot here that I am always sweating, along with my companion Hermana Knechtel. Because of the heat, we always have our hair up and I always look bald and the Knecht always is frizzy! It is hilarious and we crack ourselves up!! I am having the funnest time with Knechtel and she is a huge blessing in my life! 

This week I am feeling so much better from the weird bite I had, actually it is finally healed up! We did A LOT of walking this week because we are looking for new people to teach. We contacted, contacted, and contacted some more. We got more bald and more frizzy everyday! At one point while we were contacting a house with a very tall gate, The lady came out and my 6 foot companion could just look over the gate and was talking to the lady. We were sharing the Book of Mormon with the people. As my companion started teaching I had nothing to do because I couldn't see the lady, so I just decided to hold the Book of Mormon up!! So my companion is teaching away and I am just holding the book up and pointing to it and showing it off! It was so funny! The lady must have thought we were very weird!! I was cracking up! I also wonder what the people must have thought on the other side of the street just watching us... lol! But we made contacting fun and just because I cant see you, doesn't mean I cant share the Book of Mormon with you! LOL

Also this week we had changes in the mission. We still wake up at the same time, but we can go to bed earlier! YES! Also we have more time at night to just chill and relax! Also Pdays are now from 9am - 7pm! It is so much longer! We have so much time and its great! President told us it is because he wants us to learn how manage our own time. We had changes in our schedule too, Now we can study and teach and do everything whenever we want. We just have a time to wake up and exercise. The rest is our choice, It is teaching me to have more time management and to be more responsible. It also helps me and Knechtel work together as a team. I am glad that I can be learning these life long skills!! 
This week we did a lot of sharing about the Book of Mormon, I love this book with all my heart. I know it to be the world of God and know it brings perfect happiness and peace. I invite everyone to read it and pray to see if it is true. Do the test that Moroni has for us. Do it more than once, but many many times throughout your life! I love sharing my testimony of this marvelous book. I hope you all can read it and feel the same way. I have seen it change lives and I know it can change yours and make it better! 

I love you all so much! Always remember to Work Hard but Pray Harder!! 

Until next week,


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