The One with the Blonde Leading the Blonder

JANUARY 25, 2017

This week was the greatest week! Okay so first wer had a service project and while we were there I felt a little pinch on my leg. I hurry and slapped it away and thought nothing more of it. The next day we had to go and do my Visa work. We went all the way to the Center of Santiago to do so. We stood in line for 5 hours or more nad my leg started hurting really badly. I was feeling really worried and in a lot of pain so I looked down and I had the biggest bite on my leg! It was red and with a black dot in the middle and then my whole leg and foot were swollen! Hermana Knechtel made me call the mission doctor to get it looked at. At this point I could not really walk and I had a lot of pain in my leg. I was feeling okay but a little dizzy at this point. We called the doctor  and he asked to meet with me art the office of the mission. We started heading there and we got sooo lost. Knechtel and i are not the two best Hermanas in the mission for directions. Soooo we kind of got lost. We eventually figured it out. We were just boppin around. The doctor told me I got bit by a weird Chilean bug but he didnt know which one. He told me not to worry though and that I would be okay. But he did tell me I might get sick. That is exactly hwat happened too!! I got so sick! I was in the house all day for 3 days. I got some medicine and cream though so now I am all good. But it was a fun experience here in Chile! I love the new ward I am in and it is HUGE! Very different from my first ward, but I love the people just the same! It is very very nice and so safe. Being two blondes together is really funny and it is like we are in a movie at times. Knechtel told me she thinks she is getting blonder just being with me... so that makes me feel really good.. and laugh!
my bite healing up quite nice, swelling is all down
That is all I got this week! I lvoe you all so much! Next week will be better! Love you all!!


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