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The One with the Burnt House

SEPTEMBER 20, 2017
Hello everyone! I hope that this week was great and eventful! I had the greatest week and had some crazy things happen! BUT before I start I would just like to give a shoutout to the best little brother in the world, my little Janson and wish him the Happiest of Birthdays! It was this past Sunday and he is now 15 years old!!! I cannot believe it! HE IS HUGE! I hope it was the greatest day little man and I hope you know how much I love you and thought of you that day! You were in my heart all day long!! I miss you so much but will see you soon mu little buddy! I love you!

 Okay so to start out the week we had the most amazing service project ever! We were able to help a family in great need! Sadly an entire house burnt down! EVERYTHING was destroyed and we had to enter the house and clear all the burnt things out. It was a two day job and it was pretty fun, so sad though. We would find things that were kinda okay like some toys of the kids, or clothes, or even just so…

The One with A Miraculous Sunday!

SEPTEMBER 13, 2017
Hey everyone! This week was a great week here in Chile Santiago Sur! We had a fun week with some great ward activities for the CHile Independence Day and a lot of success in the work! So last Saturday we had our huge ward party and we ate a yummy Chilean BBQ and had a war of Ping Pong! My comp and I were doing great until we went up against some Hermano and he killed us, but it was fun anyway!

THis week we had the opportunity to listen tto and have a Conference with a member if the General Authority 70, Elder Bragg! It was so amazing to hear and have a Conference with Elder Bragg. He gave so much insiration and wisdom for our little mission! One thing that really stuck out to me was his way of telling us how we can find and have miracles in the work of the Lord. It is a mix of three very important things, 1. Having a love so deep that it turns to charity 2. Having the highest but most acheivable expectations and 3. Integrity. These 3 things are the pathway to findin…

The One with All the Hermanas!


Hey everyone, This week was a great week full of normal activities that missionaries do every single day! Well to start, last Pdayt we had a huge PJ party with onsies!! I borrowed and Elmo one and we all dressed up in cool onesies! It was great! When you are in the smallest mission in the world, and you cannot leave the mission EVER, you are forced to get creative! SO that is what we did!  I will be sending some pics of that!
We are having so much success here in our ward! We have many people investigating the church and we have 4 people with Baptisimal dates!!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!! We are just over here working so hard. I am at the point where the language is NOT a barrier AT ALL (actually easier than English at this point), I know the lessons by heart, I know how to teach the people, and I jsut feel like I really am just gliding! It is a great time of the mission where I am just like at my peak teaching wise and it is great! I love the work and we are working so h…

The One with Pushing to the Limit!

AUGUST 30, 2017

This week was a GREAT one! We are really starting to see the fruits of our hard labors here in the area and everything. We have many people that we are teaching and that are starting to really progress. It is all the blessings from our hard and diligent work! We have been working together in this ward now (Hermana Rand and I) for about 8 weeks and we are NOW finally seeing the fruits. We had to really earn it too. Days of only contacting people in the street, walking all day long, freezing in the winter nights, and talking to everyone trying to find people to teach! Man it was soo hard and felt like soo long since we have had some success. Now, we really are having it! We have many people with baptisimal dates and our days are full with lessons to investigators! It is jsut the best! I have really learned in this short period of time the importance of hard work. My mom always told me and my siblings "All three of my children will love to learn to love to work!"…

The one with the Miracle!

AUGUST 23, 2017

This week was a pretty normal week with working long days, tried all the time, eating food that I am now so tired of, and looking for people to teach. Most of the time when we talk to people they are VERY Catholic or they are inactive members. So when we make time to contact we pray that we meet people who are interested in learning the Gospel. One day we had a Miracle! We met a girl named Gabriela! She let us ion her house and she shared with us that she recently found her beliefs in God. We were obviously very interested in this topic and wanted to hear more. She shared with us her life experience that has been a long and trialing journey. She ran away from an abusing household when she was 13 years old and lived with aunts and grandparents. She has had issues with drugs and alcohol, attempting to commit suicide, and depression. When she thought that she could handle no more, she met up with a friend who had a belief in God. He told her that HE is real and that He li…

The One with the Adventures!

AUGUST 16, 2017

This week we had so many adventures! One night we were doing an activity as a Zone and during that time my comp lost her plaque! SHe was sooo sad so we decided that we had to go look for it! We were walking around Chile looking on the ground for about 1 hour! We kept singing hymns and searching everywhere. We may have looked kinda crazy, but that is okay. We then decided to stop and say a really fervent prayer right in the street. We did and then we kept looking and found the back part of the nametag first. It was like a treasure hunt! The entire time we were looking, Hermana Rand kept saying "maybe we could ask the workers of the road, they might have it" and we both just like kept looking and didnt think much of it! After a while and her saying it like 10 times, I actually heard her and said "yeah lets go and ask", so we did and wouldnt ya know.. they had it!!! It was all scrapped and beat up, but we found her plaque and she was so happy! We hurri…

The One when the Children Still my Heart!

AUGUST 9, 2017

Hey Family and Friends,
I hope that you are all happy and smiling away! I certainly am!! This week Chile celebrated "Día de Niño" or Childrens Day! It is a day that they celebrate all of the children, like Mothers Day or Fathers Day! We were invited to do a service project with some children. Well, these children were all children either very poor and who have nothing, beaten, or with problems. It was so sad to see them and my heart just jumped out of my chest and gave them all a huge hug! My comp and I were in charge of painting their faces! We did like a mini party for them and gave them presents and things like that so that they could feel special and loved for Childrens Day. We were able to paint faces and help them out... lets just say that I was in HEAVEN!! It was the best service in the whole world and a definite confimation that I still want to be a teacher. There was one little girl there who was like really attached to me and just my little buddy th…

The One with Remembering!

AUGUST 2, 2017
Hello Friends and Family!
This week was one full of hard work and meeting new people to teach! I would like to share a little bit about what I was able to learn this week. The importance and significance of the word "REMEMBER"!  It is something so vital that we have, the gift and ability to remember. As a missionary I am really seeing and realizing the importance of this. The people here that we are sharing the Gospel with, we are not teaching them something new, we are simply reminding them of something that they knew a long time ago, but have simply forgotten. This is the reason that when someone hears the Gospel with an open heart and mind and with the desire to let it change their lives, they say "This feels or sounds familiar" that is because it is. It is something that we have all known forever, before this earth, but some of us have forgotten. That is why I am here in Chile with my name-tag everyday, to help my brothers and sisters REMEMBER. 

The One With Nothing to Write

JULY 26, 2017
Hello everyone, I dont have much to write this week because it has been kind of an uneventful week! We are working hard in our sector to find new people to teach, we are struggling a little bit but that is okay because we just work harder to find them. One thins that makes it hard is that our mission is FILLED with less active members. We have more Less Actives in Chile than any other country in Latino America... so it makes it a little rough... everyday we are contacting and looking for people to teach and we talk to at least one new less active member a day! We are doing some reactivation work though so that is good!
We do have one investigator named Renata who is progressing at a rapid pace! She is 20 years old and like our best friend! She came to lunch with us on Sunday and was with us all day long! She is getting baptied this coming month and she is so excited, almost as much as we are! She is the cutest little thing and I just love her so much! We were able to go…