The One with the Burnt House

SEPTEMBER 20, 2017
Hello everyone! I hope that this week was great and eventful! I had the greatest week and had some crazy things happen! BUT before I start I would just like to give a shoutout to the best little brother in the world, my little Janson and wish him the Happiest of Birthdays! It was this past Sunday and he is now 15 years old!!! I cannot believe it! HE IS HUGE! I hope it was the greatest day little man and I hope you know how much I love you and thought of you that day! You were in my heart all day long!! I miss you so much but will see you soon mu little buddy! I love you!

 Okay so to start out the week we had the most amazing service project ever! We were able to help a family in great need! Sadly an entire house burnt down! EVERYTHING was destroyed and we had to enter the house and clear all the burnt things out. It was a two day job and it was pretty fun, so sad though. We would find things that were kinda okay like some toys of the kids, or clothes, or even just some old collectable items. We had the job to tare down the house. We needed to clean everything out and then tare down the walls and the roof and everything! So, being the person I am, I chose to go to the roof to help up there instead of just hanging out downstairs with the other Hermanas. I decided to knock down the walls by punching them and kicking them! It was like a kick boxing class! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! I loved and it was helping so much to speed up the process! Well because we were all working so hard, I needed to go and find something to drink. Well because the entire house was burnt, parts of the roof became as fragile as Styrofoam. My ZL saw that I was trying to get down and climb down the ladder and came over to help me down, like he did for every single person who got down. As I was walking, I did not know that a part of the roof was not stable and BOOM FELL THROUGH THE ROOF! As I was falling, luckily my ZL was there and he grabbed my arm and saved me, also there was a wooden beam on the side and I landed on it after I smacked my entire side on the beam! It was like when I would fall as a gymnast so it was okay! My ZL saved me!!  I would have fallen right off the rood if it wasn't for him and him grabbing me! Thank you Elder Grau!! He saved my life! It was really scary and I was crying a little after just because I thought I was going right through the roof and landing on the pile of glass right below me! that would have really ruined my day!    

Also this week was the Independence Day of CHILE!!! YAY!! It was on the 18th and it was pretty fun! I have eaten so much meat this last week, also empanadas, and just having fun! It was great and we had so much fun with the members and with other missionaries! We had a Pday today to celebrate the Independence Day and all wore our jerseys of Chile!! It was awesome! 

Okay so also, we have the best investigator named Rogelio who is getting baptized on the 7th of October! He is the cutest! He is 65 years old so he is like our little Chilean grandpa and I love him so much! He loves the Gospel and is just so excited to become a member! He is the best! 

Okay so that is what happened this week! I will send a lot of pics so get ready! I lvoe you all so much! 

Work hard pray harder! This is Rogelio! 
Me and my cute Comp!


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