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The One with all the Rain!

OCTOBER 19, 2016
Hola my dear friends and family. I hope all is well with everyone and everyone is happy. I am doing GREAT!! I mean, when am i not? I am serving the Lord and get to talk to people about the Beautiful Gospel of Jesus Christ. So this week was the weirdest weather. It was sooo hot like it had been and then one day it just poured and was freezing. It has been this way for the rest of the week. I don't mind because now I get to wear my cute rain boots I have! Also, i rather it be cold than hot because it is SOOOOO hot. the sun here is very powerful and just burns my skin. Also, because the sun is so powerful, my hair is more blond here in Chile than ever before. It is like white at the roots and just bright bright blonde! It is weird but oh well. I get looked at all the time and people come up to me just to touch my hair and ask me where I buy my hair dye. I simply respond ¨The sun is my hair dye.....¨ they usually aren't too amused or they dont understand my jok…

The One with the Bad Chicken

October 12, 2016
So this week was great and I cannot really tell ya why. I am just happy all the time and have never felt this pure joy in my life before. It is like I am always on cloud 9 and it isnt because we a baptism every week, or at all for that matter, but I am just happy. I feel my Saviors love, and that is all I need. Anyway this week was wonderful! There was one day though that wasnt my best. We had almuerzo that was rico! But about 3 or so hours later I was not feeling so good and I was feeling a little OFF.

Okay so the computers here are not very good and always flip out and just send stuff LOL sorry! But anyway, I felt off and I ended up sick and throwing up! I was in the bed all day the next day and was suffering. I think we atre bad chicken because my comp wasnt feeling too good either. I received a package the day before though from my sweet mama with all sorts of good music so I was okay and did some extra studying. It wasnt my best day but things could …

The One with the BEST General Conference EVER!

October 5, 2016

OK so this week was great and full of wonderful events. The main thing was Conference! Oh my goodness it was the best one in my entire life. I loved every single talk and took over 20 pages of notes LOL. It was so inspiring and was all about missionary work! Well for me anyway heehee. One of my favorite quotes was "When you turn to the Book (BoM) you turn to the Lord". THIS IS SO TURE! The Book of Mormon is everything and how we look to the Lord. I invite all of you to read it and read from beginning to end. There is something special about reading it from cover to cover. It is my favorite book in the entire world. Every verse has an answer to a question. Every verse is meant for us individually. It is the most powerful tool we have, so lets use it! I also loved another quote "Just serve". How simple these two words are, but how strong! It is so ture that if we just serve, everything is better. All we have to do is love and serve others…