The One with Rogelio´s Baptism!

OCTOBER 11, 2017
Hello everyone! Happy October! A month of Halloween and the best weather in Vegas in during the fall, I hope all is well with work and school and all the crazy events in life! I heard about the tragedy on the strip and all the families of those who have passed away or been realLy injured are in my prayers and heart. I invite everyone to read the scriptures about the Plan of Salvation and I suggest reading     2Nephi 9 or Alma 40! They are centered on the Plan that God has for all of us and how there is life, a much better one, after this life. Families are forever through the Atonement of Christ and His perfect love for us! I know this to be true and it is the one comfort I have in times of despair, or sadness. He will always give us the love and peace that we need, we just need to ask for it and then listen!
Well this week here in Chile has been amazing!!! OUR INVESTIGATOR ROGELIO WAS BAPTIZED! It was the most amazing experience this Saturday filled with just the hap…

The One with General Conference!

OCTOBER 4, 2017
HEY everyone! I hope that all is well and you were all able to listen to the amazing General Conference that we had this past weekend! It was a time to really feel the Spirit and receive revelation that we need! I was able to have some questions answered personally during this wonderful conference where we could hear the words of the Apostals of the Lord! I felt the Spirit so strongly and know that God was directing the meeting!

The entire Conference I heard many things that are stuck in my mind and have really touched my heart, but I would like to focus on only one of those things, which is the importance of the Book f Mormon. We all know that Prophet Monson in the last Confernce asked us all to read and study the Book of Mormon every day. Well, I know that I took this commandment (because it came from God) very seriously.  I have seen the biggest changes in my life and only for the better since I have started to really search the BOM and apply its teachings in my lif…

The One with the Cambios!

SEPTEMBER 27, 2017

HEY friends and family! This week was yet another great week here in the Chile Santiago South Mission! There were some changes that happened this week, like I had a change in my companions! My new companions is named Hermana Santos and is from Brasil! Yet another comp of mine is from Brasil! She is the third one from Brasil that I have had! She is super cute and I know that we will be great friends and work well together here in our Sector! 
Now this week I was told that my family that was baptized in my last ward are moving back to Colombia! It was sooo sad to hear that they were leaving but it is because they were having the hardest time financially here in Chile, so they had to leave. I was able to go see them and spend an afternoon with them before they left though! It was nice to see them but even more amazing to see that they were still going super strong in the Gospel and had stronger testimonies than before, both with callings and actively participating in t…

The One with the Burnt House

SEPTEMBER 20, 2017
Hello everyone! I hope that this week was great and eventful! I had the greatest week and had some crazy things happen! BUT before I start I would just like to give a shoutout to the best little brother in the world, my little Janson and wish him the Happiest of Birthdays! It was this past Sunday and he is now 15 years old!!! I cannot believe it! HE IS HUGE! I hope it was the greatest day little man and I hope you know how much I love you and thought of you that day! You were in my heart all day long!! I miss you so much but will see you soon mu little buddy! I love you!

 Okay so to start out the week we had the most amazing service project ever! We were able to help a family in great need! Sadly an entire house burnt down! EVERYTHING was destroyed and we had to enter the house and clear all the burnt things out. It was a two day job and it was pretty fun, so sad though. We would find things that were kinda okay like some toys of the kids, or clothes, or even just so…

The One with A Miraculous Sunday!

SEPTEMBER 13, 2017
Hey everyone! This week was a great week here in Chile Santiago Sur! We had a fun week with some great ward activities for the CHile Independence Day and a lot of success in the work! So last Saturday we had our huge ward party and we ate a yummy Chilean BBQ and had a war of Ping Pong! My comp and I were doing great until we went up against some Hermano and he killed us, but it was fun anyway!

THis week we had the opportunity to listen tto and have a Conference with a member if the General Authority 70, Elder Bragg! It was so amazing to hear and have a Conference with Elder Bragg. He gave so much insiration and wisdom for our little mission! One thing that really stuck out to me was his way of telling us how we can find and have miracles in the work of the Lord. It is a mix of three very important things, 1. Having a love so deep that it turns to charity 2. Having the highest but most acheivable expectations and 3. Integrity. These 3 things are the pathway to findin…

The One with All the Hermanas!


Hey everyone, This week was a great week full of normal activities that missionaries do every single day! Well to start, last Pdayt we had a huge PJ party with onsies!! I borrowed and Elmo one and we all dressed up in cool onesies! It was great! When you are in the smallest mission in the world, and you cannot leave the mission EVER, you are forced to get creative! SO that is what we did!  I will be sending some pics of that!
We are having so much success here in our ward! We have many people investigating the church and we have 4 people with Baptisimal dates!!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!! We are just over here working so hard. I am at the point where the language is NOT a barrier AT ALL (actually easier than English at this point), I know the lessons by heart, I know how to teach the people, and I jsut feel like I really am just gliding! It is a great time of the mission where I am just like at my peak teaching wise and it is great! I love the work and we are working so h…

The One with Pushing to the Limit!

AUGUST 30, 2017

This week was a GREAT one! We are really starting to see the fruits of our hard labors here in the area and everything. We have many people that we are teaching and that are starting to really progress. It is all the blessings from our hard and diligent work! We have been working together in this ward now (Hermana Rand and I) for about 8 weeks and we are NOW finally seeing the fruits. We had to really earn it too. Days of only contacting people in the street, walking all day long, freezing in the winter nights, and talking to everyone trying to find people to teach! Man it was soo hard and felt like soo long since we have had some success. Now, we really are having it! We have many people with baptisimal dates and our days are full with lessons to investigators! It is jsut the best! I have really learned in this short period of time the importance of hard work. My mom always told me and my siblings "All three of my children will love to learn to love to work!"…