Friday, August 26, 2016

The One with the Proposal and the Pitbulls- WEEK 3



So this week was interesting! There were many ups and also many downs. I am starting to really connect with some of the people here and people we teach. When someone doesn't keep their compromisos it truly breaks my heart. We had so many meetings fall through this week and it was hard. But we also made some awesome contacts and really made our relationships with the members muy fuerte! 

So one day we were visiting a Haitian (there are so many here in Chile so we are all assigned to learn French as well so we can talk with and teach them). When we were visiting Madeline, a man named Ronald was there and he had many questions about our church. He spoke English better than Spanish so I was teaching him and then translating for H Ruiz. After about 15 minutes of questions about the church he started asking questions about me and Ruiz. I was a little nervous about where the conversation was going. He asked is I was married and I told him know and that I was only 19. He then asked if I had a boyfriend in Chile and I said no because I am a missionary and boys are not important. He then looked and me and said "Since you are not married and dont have a boyfriend, will you marry me?"! I am pretty sure my stomach feel to the floor! I told him know and that I couldn't. He asked me why not an if it was because he was black or Haitian. I said no and tried to explain why I couldn't but it wasn't working. So I turned to H Ruiz for ayuda and she told me to tell him I have a boyfriend in the US. So I did and said that he is waiting for me and that when I get home from my mission I have to marry him. Ronald finally understood that I could not marry him. He was really upset with me though for a little bit and asked me all these questions about "my boyfriend". He was mad that I couldn't marry him. But after explaining that I had a boyfriend, he was okay. We gave him the numbers of some Elders to further teach him because we decided it would be best that we didn't! OH MAN what a day that was!! LOL 

Ok another day we were had a meeting at the church but it was at like 9 at night. So it was really dark and we werent feeling to great about walking all the way to the church. As we were walking we heard barking and we saw 5-7 huge pitbulls fighting. We slowly and quietly turned around and started walking away. Then all of a sudden 3 ran towards us. We stopped and looked down at the ground with our backs to the dogs to show that we knew they were dominate. We tried to see if the house were were at would let us in but no one was home. The dogs stood about 3 yards from us or closer and just barked and growled at us. We were just standing there and praying for probably 7 minutes. IO for sure though we were gonna get bit!! We stood there and prayed in our hearts and we were both crying a little bit because it was sooo scary! But the Lord protected us and we were okay, the dogs just left after 7 minutes and we were able to walk away unharmed. We took that as a sign that we needed to go home and that the meeting with the mission leader could wait until tomorrow. We called the mission leader and explained. He told us how lucky we were to have gotten away without being bit! IT WAS TERRIFYING! 

Being here in Chile and speaking the language well, my biggest help during lessons is my knowledge of the scriptures. I know the Book of Mormon inside and out but I never noticed until I came here and use them soo much. I have been on divisions with 2 other sisters and they and also H Ruiz told me that I have the best knowledge of the scriptures of anyone they have ever met. I love it because the BOM of what converts people connected wither the Spirit. Also, we had a lesson with an investigator who had many questions about historias is the BOM. H ruiz didnt know any of the stories but I did so i was able to answers all here questions and tell the stories. The BOM is my biggest help in the field and this week I had a deeper and stronger connection with them! 

This week was long and at times difficult but I am grateful so the hard times too because that is when we grow the most! That is when we have to depend on our strong and firm testimony of Jesus Christ. (Helaman 5:12). I love you all and hope you are doing well. Until next week! 

Hermana Cribbs


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The One With All The Coughing (Chile WEEK 2)

So this week I was sick all week and mostly was told to stay in our house. I had a fever and coughing and the chills for a week. I am told that every gringa gets sick a lot the first few months because of the drastic change in well everything. Besides being sick I am loving Chile! 

This week we taught a few lessons when I was feeling well enough to go out and teach! I am ableto understand more and more. It is really hard when the person is young or old because they talk the fastest and the most unclear! But I am getting better and I try to keep  smile on my face. So I was told many times this week that I DO NOT talk like a gringa but that i have a very good accent!! WOW I almost peed my pants!! That is the last thing I expeted and I was so surprised and so thrilled! It made me feel good to know that i no longer sound white! HURRAY! So also this week, it was my second Sunday and I was asked to give a 10-15 minute talk!! I was so nervouse but right when I stood up to speak, I was calm. My spanish flowed smoothly and I was able to share the desires and words of my heart! It was great and I had many members afterwards tell me how well I speak and how impressed they are! It made me smile so big that my smile couldnt fit on my face! LOL. The members in our ward are angels. They are so kind an loving and make me feel right at home! 

So the food here is amazing! It is not fish like i thought it would be; it is all sorts of different things. Half the time I have no idea what it is but I eat it anyway and it is delicious. the weather is pretty nice but really cold at night! I still get looks from every single person we walk by and sometimes they will take out cameras and take pictures of me! It is kind of weird but funny! 

So last P-day we played soccer in the park with our zone and I did pretty well! I scored some goals and just had fun! I love all the missionaries here and they all have the biggest hearts. This Pday we hiked up to a huge statue of Virgin Mary and it was soooo beautiful! Then we went to Wendys and I swear it was the nicest wendys I have ever seen in my life! We also saw the tallest building in South America! Holy cow it is tall!! It was so fun and I finally felt better today so it was nice to have some fun and be outside. We figured out that on average in my mission we walk 8 miles a day, but sometimes on days when we do tracting, it is closer to 15! It is great and I love walking!!

So this week was super spiritual and I had a lot of time to personally study! I love the 12 chapter of Ether and how it is all about faith! Count how many times FAITH is written in Ether 12! I love verse 27 about how weak things can be made strong through faith in Christ. I know this to be true and it has been a scripture in my heart as I am trying to learn this language and adjusting to missioanry life! I know that through faith in Jesus Christ and his Gospel, all things are possible.

I hope your week is amazing and you all can feel the Spirt in your hearts. It is the best feeling in the world and with it you will never feel alone. The Holy Ghost is the ultimate comforter. I love my Savior and this Gospel with every fiber in my being. I love you all so much, may God be with you! Have a great week. Until next time,  

Hermana Cribbs

Monday, August 15, 2016

The One with all the Nodding and Smiling (Chile week 1)

Okay so I still have no idea what is going on!! LOL. I understand my companion finally and we can talk but I still struggle so much with the natives. It is just so hard and I am always lost. So Chile is great and even though I usually cant understand them, I have so much love for the people here. I just want to keep helping them and serving them. Service is the best way we can show our love and that we care. SO here in Chile I am the whitest person here. I get starred at everywhere I go. I get comments and whistles all the time. Our bishop told us we need to be in an hour earlier because our area is so dangerous, I also have to look down when I walk past men or else they try to come and touch me and talk to me. It is scary sometiems, but I feel protected by the Spirit of God and I dont worry. Other than that, the people here are so kind and loving. They always tell me that I am too skinny and need to eat more, so they always serve me 2 of everything. I guess I wont be skinny for long! LOL.

So soemthing amazing happened this week. We met a man named Daniel who is Haitian and spoke English. He agreed to meet with us and I taught him a whole lesson in English. But I was able to translate everything I said back to Spanish for my companion and everything Daniel said as well. I was speaking both languages and not even thinking abouit it!! The gift of tongues was working through me! It was the coolest thing everr. ANd acutally English was harder to speak than Spanish was. Having a latina companion, I probably speak less than 1 hour of English in a day and it is only when I see otehr English missionaries. That is it! The rest of the time it is only Spanish. I am still having a hard time with conjugating and speaking grammatically correct, but it is coming. 

I love serving the Lord and helping his children. It is the best feeling in the world and my heart is swelled with joy!! I hope you are all doing well and pray often. Until next week!! 

Love you all!! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The One When I Made it to Chile


Okay so I am notw in Chile and I have been here only 2 days but man have they been long! I literally dont understand a thing anyone says. My new companion H Ruéz is from Columbia and speaks just as fast and poorly as the natives. She doesn´t speak English at all!! It is so so so hard! We have a hard time communicating and I dont know what she is saying ever so I just nod and do my best to learn from watching her. She only knows 2 words in English and they are both swear words. So she will say those at night sometimes and I have to remind her that they are not good to say!! It is pretty funny though. 

So I love Chile so far and my cute little area. We have such a small area and there are only 2 sets of missionaries in our area. We are both hermanas so it is kinds cool. There are dogs everywhere and people playing soccer all over the streets. It is nice to get out of the CCM!! So in our mission we can wake up at 7:30 instead of 6:30 but we are out pretty late. Our area right now is okay safety wise but most others is not. We are not allowed to cary bags at all though because people will jump us. So we just go with the scriptures in our hands and some pass along cards. Last night we did some tracting and talked to one lady named Soñia. She seemed very interestered and we taught her a whole lesson outside her house. I was able to share my testimony and my Spanish was very smooth. This was the only time that I understood what someone was saying and what my companion was saying. The gift of tongues is real. 

In the meantime, I am studying Spanish so muich and trying to learn all the weird things that Chilean people do. For example everyone points to things with their lips.. Like when they want to point at something they just pushg their lips together and point at it with thier lips instead. Its funny. Also, they say PO all the time so I am trying to get used to that. Also they dont say the ¨s¨ever! Any word that ends with an ¨s¨just gets droppped off. It is so hard to understand but its okay. I will get it soon I hope. 

I miss and love you all so much. I hope everything is going well and you are all happy. Keep working hard and pray harder! 

with all my love, 
Hermana Cribbs

The One When I Head to Chile

Yup, this is my las week here in the CCM. It is so weird thinking that I am leaving here so soon, because it feels like i just got here. I leave for the airport at 5:30 in the morning on Monday and then our flight doesnt even leave until 11:30. It is a 9 hour flight which is just gonna be awesome.... but hopefully i can sit next to my sweet companion Hermana Klein and it will be a blast, and of not then we will ask people to move around for us LOL. So Spanish is coming along oh so great. I can fully teach any of the lessons and pretty much talk about any Gospel related all in Spanish and I dont have to think that much. It is definitely becoming like second nature and I love this language so much. Our teachers always comment on our Spanish and well they think we have excelled. 

So this last week was pretty rough because I was sick. There are 3 viruses going around the CCM and I was unfortunate enough to catch one. My neck was really swollen and i could barely swallow or eat anything. I was on 3 different medications that were all so nasty!! But i am doing so much better now and I am back to my joyful, happy, skip-in-my-step self. 

Okay so I AM SO SO SO READY TO GO TO CHILE!! I am ready to find people who are waiting to hear the Gospel and to share it with them. I am ready to tell them that there is a light at the end of every tunnel no matter what and that the light is our Savior Jesus Christ. So we had this new teacher come and help us these past two weeks. She served in Chile and just got home so she spake the space pace as the Chilean Natives. UMMMMMM I didnt understand a word of what she said the first 2 days!! Then I started to catch on, and now it seems like she is speaking the same pace as the Mexico Natives even though she is speaking so much faster. It gave me some reassurance for the field, even though I know it will still take a few months to 100% understand them and then probably 6 months to speak like them. I CANT WAIT!! 

We were able to go to the temple today and it was such an amazing experience. It is always the best feeling ever when you can visit the house of the Lord. The CCM is so spiritual and I have loved my time here and am kind of sad to leave but no where near as excited to finally get to Chile. I am ready to leave Mexico! It rains here everyday and there are mosquitoes EVERYWHERE!! I know it will be the same in Chile, so hopefully i dont get the Zika Virus LOL. Last week after emailing we had to walk all the way back to our house but it was raining harder than it ever has!! We started to run and by the time we got home it was as if we showered in our clothes. I think that is why i got sick! But it is so beautiful here and i will miss the MTC and all the people i have met, but i know there are better things in store for me in Chile. 

Love you all so much! 

PS I know i gave you all the website to send letters but that is only for here at the MTC SO DO NOT SEND ME LETTERS THROUGH THAT WEBSITE ANYMORE OR ELSE I WILL NOT GET IT!! I will send next time i email the new address of where i will be and you can send letters there. I am not sure the next time  i can email so we will have to wait and see! 

Remember to always work hard but pray harder!! 

Con Amor, 
Hermana Cribbs