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The One with the Proposal and the Pitbulls- WEEK 3

So this week was interesting! There were many ups and also many downs. I am starting to really connect with some of the people here and people we teach. When someone doesn't keep their compromisos it truly breaks my heart. We had so many meetings fall through this week and it was hard. But we also made some awesome contacts and really made our relationships with the members muy fuerte! 
So one day we were visiting a Haitian (there are so many here in Chile so we are all assigned to learn French as well so we can talk with and teach them). When we were visiting Madeline, a man named Ronald was there and he had many questions about our church. He spoke English better than Spanish so I was teaching him and then translating for H Ruiz. After about 15 minutes of questions about the church he started asking questions about me and Ruiz. I was a little nervous about where the conversation was going. He asked is I was married and I told him know and that I was only 19. He then as…

The One With All The Coughing (Chile WEEK 2)

So this week I was sick all week and mostly was told to stay in our house. I had a fever and coughing and the chills for a week. I am told that every gringa gets sick a lot the first few months because of the drastic change in well everything. Besides being sick I am loving Chile! 
This week we taught a few lessons when I was feeling well enough to go out and teach! I am ableto understand more and more. It is really hard when the person is young or old because they talk the fastest and the most unclear! But I am getting better and I try to keep  smile on my face. So I was told many times this week that I DO NOT talk like a gringa but that i have a very good accent!! WOW I almost peed my pants!! That is the last thing I expeted and I was so surprised and so thrilled! It made me feel good to know that i no longer sound white! HURRAY! So also this week, it was my second Sunday and I was asked to give a 10-15 minute talk!! I was so nervouse but right when I stood up to spe…

The One with all the Nodding and Smiling (Chile week 1)

Okay so I still have no idea what is going on!! LOL. I understand my companion finally and we can talk but I still struggle so much with the natives. It is just so hard and I am always lost. So Chile is great and even though I usually cant understand them, I have so much love for the people here. I just want to keep helping them and serving them. Service is the best way we can show our love and that we care. SO here in Chile I am the whitest person here. I get starred at everywhere I go. I get comments and whistles all the time. Our bishop told us we need to be in an hour earlier because our area is so dangerous, I also have to look down when I walk past men or else they try to come and touch me and talk to me. It is scary sometiems, but I feel protected by the Spirit of God and I dont worry. Other than that, the people here are so kind and loving. They always tell me that I am too skinny and need to eat more, so they always serve me 2 of everything. I guess I wont be ski…

The One When I Made it to Chile


Okay so I am notw in Chile and I have been here only 2 days but man have they been long! I literally dont understand a thing anyone says. My new companion H Ru├ęz is from Columbia and speaks just as fast and poorly as the natives. She doesn´t speak English at all!! It is so so so hard! We have a hard time communicating and I dont know what she is saying ever so I just nod and do my best to learn from watching her. She only knows 2 words in English and they are both swear words. So she will say those at night sometimes and I have to remind her that they are not good to say!! It is pretty funny though. 
So I love Chile so far and my cute little area. We have such a small area and there are only 2 sets of missionaries in our area. We are both hermanas so it is kinds cool. There are dogs everywhere and people playing soccer all over the streets. It is nice to get out of the CCM!! So in our mission we can wake up at7:30instead of6:30but we are out pretty late. Our area right now is …

The One When I Head to Chile

Yup, this is my las week here in the CCM. It is so weird thinking that I am leaving here so soon, because it feels like i just got here. I leave for the airport at5:30in the morning on Monday and then our flight doesnt even leave until11:30. It is a 9 hour flight which is just gonna be awesome.... but hopefully i can sit next to my sweet companion Hermana Klein and it will be a blast, and of not then we will ask people to move around for us LOL. So Spanish is coming along oh so great. I can fully teach any of the lessons and pretty much talk about any Gospel related all in Spanish and I dont have to think that much. It is definitely becoming like second nature and I love this language so much. Our teachers always comment on our Spanish and well they think we have excelled. 

So this last week was pretty rough because I was sick. There are 3 viruses going around the CCM and I was unfortunate enough to catch one. My neck was really swollen and i could barely swallow or eat anything. I wa…