The One with the Proposal and the Pitbulls- WEEK 3



So this week was interesting! There were many ups and also many downs. I am starting to really connect with some of the people here and people we teach. When someone doesn't keep their compromisos it truly breaks my heart. We had so many meetings fall through this week and it was hard. But we also made some awesome contacts and really made our relationships with the members muy fuerte! 

So one day we were visiting a Haitian (there are so many here in Chile so we are all assigned to learn French as well so we can talk with and teach them). When we were visiting Madeline, a man named Ronald was there and he had many questions about our church. He spoke English better than Spanish so I was teaching him and then translating for H Ruiz. After about 15 minutes of questions about the church he started asking questions about me and Ruiz. I was a little nervous about where the conversation was going. He asked is I was married and I told him know and that I was only 19. He then asked if I had a boyfriend in Chile and I said no because I am a missionary and boys are not important. He then looked and me and said "Since you are not married and dont have a boyfriend, will you marry me?"! I am pretty sure my stomach feel to the floor! I told him know and that I couldn't. He asked me why not an if it was because he was black or Haitian. I said no and tried to explain why I couldn't but it wasn't working. So I turned to H Ruiz for ayuda and she told me to tell him I have a boyfriend in the US. So I did and said that he is waiting for me and that when I get home from my mission I have to marry him. Ronald finally understood that I could not marry him. He was really upset with me though for a little bit and asked me all these questions about "my boyfriend". He was mad that I couldn't marry him. But after explaining that I had a boyfriend, he was okay. We gave him the numbers of some Elders to further teach him because we decided it would be best that we didn't! OH MAN what a day that was!! LOL 

Ok another day we were had a meeting at the church but it was at like 9 at night. So it was really dark and we werent feeling to great about walking all the way to the church. As we were walking we heard barking and we saw 5-7 huge pitbulls fighting. We slowly and quietly turned around and started walking away. Then all of a sudden 3 ran towards us. We stopped and looked down at the ground with our backs to the dogs to show that we knew they were dominate. We tried to see if the house were were at would let us in but no one was home. The dogs stood about 3 yards from us or closer and just barked and growled at us. We were just standing there and praying for probably 7 minutes. IO for sure though we were gonna get bit!! We stood there and prayed in our hearts and we were both crying a little bit because it was sooo scary! But the Lord protected us and we were okay, the dogs just left after 7 minutes and we were able to walk away unharmed. We took that as a sign that we needed to go home and that the meeting with the mission leader could wait until tomorrow. We called the mission leader and explained. He told us how lucky we were to have gotten away without being bit! IT WAS TERRIFYING! 

Being here in Chile and speaking the language well, my biggest help during lessons is my knowledge of the scriptures. I know the Book of Mormon inside and out but I never noticed until I came here and use them soo much. I have been on divisions with 2 other sisters and they and also H Ruiz told me that I have the best knowledge of the scriptures of anyone they have ever met. I love it because the BOM of what converts people connected wither the Spirit. Also, we had a lesson with an investigator who had many questions about historias is the BOM. H ruiz didnt know any of the stories but I did so i was able to answers all here questions and tell the stories. The BOM is my biggest help in the field and this week I had a deeper and stronger connection with them! 

This week was long and at times difficult but I am grateful so the hard times too because that is when we grow the most! That is when we have to depend on our strong and firm testimony of Jesus Christ. (Helaman 5:12). I love you all and hope you are doing well. Until next week! 

Hermana Cribbs



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