The One With All The Coughing (Chile WEEK 2)

So this week I was sick all week and mostly was told to stay in our house. I had a fever and coughing and the chills for a week. I am told that every gringa gets sick a lot the first few months because of the drastic change in well everything. Besides being sick I am loving Chile! 

This week we taught a few lessons when I was feeling well enough to go out and teach! I am ableto understand more and more. It is really hard when the person is young or old because they talk the fastest and the most unclear! But I am getting better and I try to keep  smile on my face. So I was told many times this week that I DO NOT talk like a gringa but that i have a very good accent!! WOW I almost peed my pants!! That is the last thing I expeted and I was so surprised and so thrilled! It made me feel good to know that i no longer sound white! HURRAY! So also this week, it was my second Sunday and I was asked to give a 10-15 minute talk!! I was so nervouse but right when I stood up to speak, I was calm. My spanish flowed smoothly and I was able to share the desires and words of my heart! It was great and I had many members afterwards tell me how well I speak and how impressed they are! It made me smile so big that my smile couldnt fit on my face! LOL. The members in our ward are angels. They are so kind an loving and make me feel right at home! 

So the food here is amazing! It is not fish like i thought it would be; it is all sorts of different things. Half the time I have no idea what it is but I eat it anyway and it is delicious. the weather is pretty nice but really cold at night! I still get looks from every single person we walk by and sometimes they will take out cameras and take pictures of me! It is kind of weird but funny! 

So last P-day we played soccer in the park with our zone and I did pretty well! I scored some goals and just had fun! I love all the missionaries here and they all have the biggest hearts. This Pday we hiked up to a huge statue of Virgin Mary and it was soooo beautiful! Then we went to Wendys and I swear it was the nicest wendys I have ever seen in my life! We also saw the tallest building in South America! Holy cow it is tall!! It was so fun and I finally felt better today so it was nice to have some fun and be outside. We figured out that on average in my mission we walk 8 miles a day, but sometimes on days when we do tracting, it is closer to 15! It is great and I love walking!!

So this week was super spiritual and I had a lot of time to personally study! I love the 12 chapter of Ether and how it is all about faith! Count how many times FAITH is written in Ether 12! I love verse 27 about how weak things can be made strong through faith in Christ. I know this to be true and it has been a scripture in my heart as I am trying to learn this language and adjusting to missioanry life! I know that through faith in Jesus Christ and his Gospel, all things are possible.

I hope your week is amazing and you all can feel the Spirt in your hearts. It is the best feeling in the world and with it you will never feel alone. The Holy Ghost is the ultimate comforter. I love my Savior and this Gospel with every fiber in my being. I love you all so much, may God be with you! Have a great week. Until next time,  

Hermana Cribbs


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