The One with all the Nodding and Smiling (Chile week 1)

Okay so I still have no idea what is going on!! LOL. I understand my companion finally and we can talk but I still struggle so much with the natives. It is just so hard and I am always lost. So Chile is great and even though I usually cant understand them, I have so much love for the people here. I just want to keep helping them and serving them. Service is the best way we can show our love and that we care. SO here in Chile I am the whitest person here. I get starred at everywhere I go. I get comments and whistles all the time. Our bishop told us we need to be in an hour earlier because our area is so dangerous, I also have to look down when I walk past men or else they try to come and touch me and talk to me. It is scary sometiems, but I feel protected by the Spirit of God and I dont worry. Other than that, the people here are so kind and loving. They always tell me that I am too skinny and need to eat more, so they always serve me 2 of everything. I guess I wont be skinny for long! LOL.

So soemthing amazing happened this week. We met a man named Daniel who is Haitian and spoke English. He agreed to meet with us and I taught him a whole lesson in English. But I was able to translate everything I said back to Spanish for my companion and everything Daniel said as well. I was speaking both languages and not even thinking abouit it!! The gift of tongues was working through me! It was the coolest thing everr. ANd acutally English was harder to speak than Spanish was. Having a latina companion, I probably speak less than 1 hour of English in a day and it is only when I see otehr English missionaries. That is it! The rest of the time it is only Spanish. I am still having a hard time with conjugating and speaking grammatically correct, but it is coming. 

I love serving the Lord and helping his children. It is the best feeling in the world and my heart is swelled with joy!! I hope you are all doing well and pray often. Until next week!! 

Love you all!! 


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