The One When I Head to Chile

Yup, this is my las week here in the CCM. It is so weird thinking that I am leaving here so soon, because it feels like i just got here. I leave for the airport at 5:30 in the morning on Monday and then our flight doesnt even leave until 11:30. It is a 9 hour flight which is just gonna be awesome.... but hopefully i can sit next to my sweet companion Hermana Klein and it will be a blast, and of not then we will ask people to move around for us LOL. So Spanish is coming along oh so great. I can fully teach any of the lessons and pretty much talk about any Gospel related all in Spanish and I dont have to think that much. It is definitely becoming like second nature and I love this language so much. Our teachers always comment on our Spanish and well they think we have excelled. 

So this last week was pretty rough because I was sick. There are 3 viruses going around the CCM and I was unfortunate enough to catch one. My neck was really swollen and i could barely swallow or eat anything. I was on 3 different medications that were all so nasty!! But i am doing so much better now and I am back to my joyful, happy, skip-in-my-step self. 

Okay so I AM SO SO SO READY TO GO TO CHILE!! I am ready to find people who are waiting to hear the Gospel and to share it with them. I am ready to tell them that there is a light at the end of every tunnel no matter what and that the light is our Savior Jesus Christ. So we had this new teacher come and help us these past two weeks. She served in Chile and just got home so she spake the space pace as the Chilean Natives. UMMMMMM I didnt understand a word of what she said the first 2 days!! Then I started to catch on, and now it seems like she is speaking the same pace as the Mexico Natives even though she is speaking so much faster. It gave me some reassurance for the field, even though I know it will still take a few months to 100% understand them and then probably 6 months to speak like them. I CANT WAIT!! 

We were able to go to the temple today and it was such an amazing experience. It is always the best feeling ever when you can visit the house of the Lord. The CCM is so spiritual and I have loved my time here and am kind of sad to leave but no where near as excited to finally get to Chile. I am ready to leave Mexico! It rains here everyday and there are mosquitoes EVERYWHERE!! I know it will be the same in Chile, so hopefully i dont get the Zika Virus LOL. Last week after emailing we had to walk all the way back to our house but it was raining harder than it ever has!! We started to run and by the time we got home it was as if we showered in our clothes. I think that is why i got sick! But it is so beautiful here and i will miss the MTC and all the people i have met, but i know there are better things in store for me in Chile. 

Love you all so much! 

PS I know i gave you all the website to send letters but that is only for here at the MTC SO DO NOT SEND ME LETTERS THROUGH THAT WEBSITE ANYMORE OR ELSE I WILL NOT GET IT!! I will send next time i email the new address of where i will be and you can send letters there. I am not sure the next time  i can email so we will have to wait and see! 

Remember to always work hard but pray harder!! 

Con Amor, 
Hermana Cribbs 


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