The One When I Made it to Chile


Okay so I am notw in Chile and I have been here only 2 days but man have they been long! I literally dont understand a thing anyone says. My new companion H Ruéz is from Columbia and speaks just as fast and poorly as the natives. She doesn´t speak English at all!! It is so so so hard! We have a hard time communicating and I dont know what she is saying ever so I just nod and do my best to learn from watching her. She only knows 2 words in English and they are both swear words. So she will say those at night sometimes and I have to remind her that they are not good to say!! It is pretty funny though. 

So I love Chile so far and my cute little area. We have such a small area and there are only 2 sets of missionaries in our area. We are both hermanas so it is kinds cool. There are dogs everywhere and people playing soccer all over the streets. It is nice to get out of the CCM!! So in our mission we can wake up at 7:30 instead of 6:30 but we are out pretty late. Our area right now is okay safety wise but most others is not. We are not allowed to cary bags at all though because people will jump us. So we just go with the scriptures in our hands and some pass along cards. Last night we did some tracting and talked to one lady named Soñia. She seemed very interestered and we taught her a whole lesson outside her house. I was able to share my testimony and my Spanish was very smooth. This was the only time that I understood what someone was saying and what my companion was saying. The gift of tongues is real. 

In the meantime, I am studying Spanish so muich and trying to learn all the weird things that Chilean people do. For example everyone points to things with their lips.. Like when they want to point at something they just pushg their lips together and point at it with thier lips instead. Its funny. Also, they say PO all the time so I am trying to get used to that. Also they dont say the ¨s¨ever! Any word that ends with an ¨s¨just gets droppped off. It is so hard to understand but its okay. I will get it soon I hope. 

I miss and love you all so much. I hope everything is going well and you are all happy. Keep working hard and pray harder! 

with all my love, 
Hermana Cribbs


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