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The One With Prayers

So this week was a week of praying. We have been doing an extra amount of praying this week for our sector, the people, other missionaries, and everything. So it is starting to get a little hard with the people that we teach. We are not having very many progressing investigators and we are struggling with the sector a little bit. So we have been praying extra hard so something to happen.On Mondaywe went on divisions with the Sister Leaders. While doing so Hermana Ruiz stayed in El Parron and I went to San Bernardo. That day while we were on divisions, Hermana Ruiz had a meeting with a young lady we met on the street. They taught her a lesson and committed her to baptism. This was an answer to our prayers, We are working with Maritza and heading towards baptism. Then yesterday we had a lesson with a menos activo and we committed her and her husband to work to going through the temple. It was a week full of happiness and success. Now, something I learned this week is to not get stressed…

The One with 3 Meses

So today is the 21st and that means I have been in the mission for 3 months today. Time is passing so fast but at the same time it passes so slow. It depends on the day and the week. The days are long in the mission, but the weeks pass very fast. I love it here with all my heart, I love missionary work; which is good because ya know.. I am a missionary.

We walk probably 10 miles a day or more. It is a lot but good because I wont get too fat. We never cook for ourselves because we get fed lunch everyday and then we dont eat dinner. We dont need to because lunch is huge.

So this week not much happened. SO last email I said that Chile had their Independence Day but I meant something else. Sunday the 11 was Joven Day. Which was a day that all the young people would do illegal things and go crazy. That is why we couldn't leave the house. This last Sunday (18) was Independence Day. And all we did was eat meet!! ALL WEEK!! Meat meat and more meat! Oh my gosh one day I thought I…

The One with the Second Transfer

This is Francesca, the 13 yr old we've been teaching!
So first I just wanted everyone to know that it is my little brother´s birthday on the 17th and he will be 14! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANSON!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! So this week was amazing. I have finished one change here in Chile and now I am on my second. It has been a bumpy ride but amazing!! I am jsut loving the people, the work, the language, and everything about the mission. I love more than anything just sharing my testimony with others and it helping them. There is nothing like it. So this week we had a lesson with a Haitian named Roulio. He is great and has such a strong faith, like all Haitians do here in Chile. We taught him the first lesson and the spirit in this lesson was stronger than any other lesson I have been in. It was so obvious that it was there, it was like thick in the air. After the actual lesson and we were closing with our testimonies, i felt prompted to invite him to baptism. I was so nervous because in…

The One With The Crazy Children!

How is everyone doing? I hope amazing and life is great and filled with joy for everyone. I am writing super early, i know. It is because today for Pday we get to go to the Presidents house and play soccer, eat pizza, and watch Star Wars!!! I am pumped! First I forgot to share last week that for the Zone Conference with one of the 70, I was asked to sing with 3 other missionaries "Nearer my God to Thee". I think it went pretty well even though we messed up at one part and it was pretty awkward... but oh well, whatcha gonna do? LOL. But the Spirit was there and the song overall was beautiful and it was an honor to sing for a servant of the Lord. So this week was on the normal side until something crazy happened! 
So we were walking to a meting with a menos activo and as we were walking we saw these three little girls up ahead. We didnt think anything of it until as we got closer they started to scream at us and they were screaming horrible and nasty things. So once we notice…

The One with the One Month!

Okay so I have been in Chile for 1 month today! Sorry i didn't email yesterday, our zone had a member of the 70 come and speak to us so our Pday was switched to today. (Thursday) The conference was amazing and all about not being afraid to share the Gospel. I know that before my mission, I would almost never think to talk to someone at the grocery store or on the street about the Gospel. But now that is all i do and i love it. So don't be afraid to share your testimonies with friends or family. Share the light of Jesus Christ!! This week was great and it had many moments that were so amazing. 

A few days ago we met and taught a young girl named Francisca who is 13. We talked with her and then taught her the first lesson. She was so interested. She had many questions about how we can have the Holy Ghost with us and who Jesus Christ really is. We explained how Christ is our older brother and our Savior, but my favorite part and main point that we taught Francisca was that Jesus …