Friday, September 30, 2016

The One With Prayers

So this week was a week of praying. We have been doing an extra amount of praying this week for our sector, the people, other missionaries, and everything. So it is starting to get a little hard with the people that we teach. We are not having very many progressing investigators and we are struggling with the sector a little bit. So we have been praying extra hard so something to happen.On Monday we went on divisions with the Sister Leaders. While doing so Hermana Ruiz stayed in El Parron and I went to San Bernardo. That day while we were on divisions, Hermana Ruiz had a meeting with a young lady we met on the street. They taught her a lesson and committed her to baptism. This was an answer to our prayers, We are working with Maritza and heading towards baptism. Then yesterday we had a lesson with a menos activo and we committed her and her husband to work to going through the temple. It was a week full of happiness and success. Now, something I learned this week is to not get stressed or worried. If we are doing our part and being worthy to receive help, then the Lord will do the rest. We cannot get down on ourselves when the people don't come to church or keep their commitments. It is all about helping people come unto Christ and planting seeds everywhere we go.

So some fun and random things about the mission. Well first, Hermana Carballo, one of my roommates calls me Marilyn Monroe so now all the latinas call me Marilyn. It pretty funny and this week Hermana Carballo had her 25 birthday so for a present I came out and sang her happy birthday like Marilyn Monroe. It was pretty funny! Also the children in Chile either love me or hate me. They either love my hair or they don't and are kind of scared of a rubia. Usually the little girls love me and they all call me a princess. I think they call me Elsa, but not really sure. Every time I see a little girl in the street they wave to me and say ¡Hola Princesa! It is so cute! 

  These are all the Hermanas in my mission! I know so tiny!
And I get to see my baby Hermana Klein every once in a while which is great!

So also this week I was feeling really awesome in my Spanish. Everyone I meet tells me how impressed they are with my Spanish and ask if I live in a latin country because my accent isn't gringa. They all think I am Colombian because my comp is but also because Colombians are very light and can have blonde hair. When I tell them I am from EE.UU and only have 3 months in the mission, they are shocked. it is a good shock and helps me feel better. So because I talk only in Spanish, when i do get the chance to talk in English, my words are mixed up and sometimes I totally forget a word in English. It takes me a bit to get back into English but I can so easily change back to Spanish. It is weird! So I am loving Chile so much and the people. I love working hard and just helping people. The one thing I missed soo much this week was Cafe Rio (sorry family). No but honestly I was craving it this week and obviously couldn't have it, LOL.

SO this week was great and saw many answers to my prayers. Praying is my favorite and I know that it works perfectly. He always listens and answers, but in his time and way. I always feel love and comfort when I pray and ask for it. The important thing is that we need to have faith that we can receive answers and feel that peace. If we just pray but don't have the faith of receiving an answer, then it is as if we never prayed at all. This journey as a missionary is incredible and I feel so lucky to wear the Lords name on my chest everyday. I just hope that I am always wearing it with honor, I try my best everyday. 

I love you all so much and miss you all! Hope all is well and life is great! Remember to smile and enjoy life. Dont let it p├áss you by. Stop and smell the roses. Life is beautiful, so live it! 

Choa Choa, 
Hermana Cribbs

The One with 3 Meses

So today is the 21st and that means I have been in the mission for 3 months today. Time is passing so fast but at the same time it passes so slow. It depends on the day and the week. The days are long in the mission, but the weeks pass very fast. I love it here with all my heart, I love missionary work; which is good because ya know.. I am a missionary.

We walk probably 10 miles a day or more. It is a lot but good because I wont get too fat. We never cook for ourselves because we get fed lunch everyday and then we dont eat dinner. We dont need to because lunch is huge.

So this week not much happened. SO last email I said that Chile had their Independence Day but I meant something else. Sunday the 11 was Joven Day. Which was a day that all the young people would do illegal things and go crazy. That is why we couldn't leave the house. This last Sunday (18) was Independence Day. And all we did was eat meet!! ALL WEEK!! Meat meat and more meat! Oh my gosh one day I thought I was going to vomit all over the table because they gave me so much food. Good thing they were really nice because I just explained that I couldn't do it! 

This week we had many lessons that were so awesome and the Spirit was so strong. We are working a lot with inactives. This week we gave 2 of them dates for reactivation! One of them is named Andres and he is 19 years old. When we invited him to be reactivated and attend church 4 times in a row and hold a calling, he accepted. Then he told us that he thinks he needs to serve a mission!! How awesome! He told us that our examples of being missionaries has inspired him to think about serving! Hermana Ruiz and I were thrilled and Just so happy to see someone go from not active in the church and not really having a testimony to wanting to serve a mission!! Ahhh it really was incredible. 
Okay so I keep getting questions about the food. So the food here in Chile is honestly normal. We have rice and meet and salad and normal food. I have not ate anything really strange at all. SO for salads they don't have dressing, it is only lemon and salt. It is actually delicious! We also eat a lot of fruit, oh mayo with everything...., and lots of bread. I am a little sad because I heard such good things about the bread and I don't know why because it is not that great LOL. But yeah, the food in Chile is not weir or anything like I thought. SO this week has been HOT!! It is so hot here and it is only spring. I am scared for summer, but oh well. It is good because more people want us to give lessons in their house rather than just at the door, so that is awesome! 

Well this week was pretty normal and nothing really happened this week. But it was my baby brothers birthday Saturday so that was something!! He is now 14 so if you haven't, wish him a happy birthday! 

I love you all so much and miss you! Hope all is well!! Send me pics!!
Hermana Cribbs

Monday, September 19, 2016

The One with the Second Transfer

This is Francesca, the 13 yr old we've been teaching!

So first I just wanted everyone to know that it is my little brother´s birthday on the 17th and he will be 14! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANSON!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!
So this week was amazing. I have finished one change here in Chile and now I am on my second. It has been a bumpy ride but amazing!! I am jsut loving the people, the work, the language, and everything about the mission. I love more than anything just sharing my testimony with others and it helping them. There is nothing like it. So this week we had a lesson with a Haitian named Roulio. He is great and has such a strong faith, like all Haitians do here in Chile. We taught him the first lesson and the spirit in this lesson was stronger than any other lesson I have been in. It was so obvious that it was there, it was like thick in the air. After the actual lesson and we were closing with our testimonies, i felt prompted to invite him to baptism. I was so nervous because in my head I didn't think he was ready. But of course I know that Heavenly Father knows and I followed the direction of the Spirit. I invited him to be baptized and he just sat there looking at us, he then looked down and it was silent. After a little bit he looked up with tears in his eyes and said yes. I was so happy and joy just overcame me and so did the Spirit. I tried, but i couldn't hold back the tears. It was so amazing and the Spirit just filled the room, Roulio is planned to be baptized on October 19. This was my first extension of baptism with a definite yes as a response. Oh how special this day was and how I felt really has no words. 

On Sunday it was Chile Independence Day so we were allowed to go to church and almuerzo but that was it. We had to stay inside all day long. So we slept and just hung out,  So not much else happened this week. It was full of lessons, walking everywhere, meetings with members, and just missionary things. 

Random Facts about Chile

1. No one says Audios, it is always chao chao. It is always twice in Chile
2. They eat lemon and bread like no other
3. They have words in Chile that are only in Chile
4. They point with their lips
5. They are super sensitive people and get offended by everything!

Love you all so much!! Until next week, 

Choa Choa

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The One With The Crazy Children!

How is everyone doing? I hope amazing and life is great and filled with joy for everyone. I am writing super early, i know. It is because today for Pday we get to go to the Presidents house and play soccer, eat pizza, and watch Star Wars!!! I am pumped! First I forgot to share last week that for the Zone Conference with one of the 70, I was asked to sing with 3 other missionaries "Nearer my God to Thee". I think it went pretty well even though we messed up at one part and it was pretty awkward... but oh well, whatcha gonna do? LOL. But the Spirit was there and the song overall was beautiful and it was an honor to sing for a servant of the Lord. So this week was on the normal side until something crazy happened! 

So we were walking to a meting with a menos activo and as we were walking we saw these three little girls up ahead. We didnt think anything of it until as we got closer they started to scream at us and they were screaming horrible and nasty things. So once we noticed that they were bad news we tried to cross the street and get away. Then they yelled to us and asked if we were missionaries and told us they loved the church. They were around the ages of 8 or 9 and they looked crazy! They had black and missing teeth, hair was a mess, there clothes were ripped and so dirty, and they had black all over there body with bruises and scratches. They were not in the right mind that is for sure. They kept tugging on my jacket and asked me about my ring. I have never in my life felt the Spirit so strong to get out of a situation. It was the scariest moment in my life because of the feeling I had and so did my comp. I felt cold, and like darkness was in my soul and I was shaking. I don't have words to describe just how I felt. It seriously was like they were taken over by some spirit or something. I have never felt such darkness in my heart. We started to walk away and just ignore them and they started to follow us so we started to run and ran into a store and just stayed in there until they went away. It was terrifying! When we met up with our menos activo, she asked us what was wrong and with tears in our eyes and shaking hands we told her the story. She gave us hugs and fed us some cake and juice to make us feel better like a mom would. It was really sweet and she told us to never talk to children on the street that we were on because they are gypsies. They are trained to rob people and take young girls to their house, after making them feel sorry for them, and then people take them, into human trafficking.  I am so glad we have the Spirit to protect us and warn us when there is danger. After the lesson she offered us a ride home and of course we took it. I am being so literal when I say that I saw Satan in their eyes and I felt like Satan was trying to pull on my clothes. I have never felt darkness like that before, it was awful!

So on a happier and better note, this week had some awesome moments too. This week we had a miracle! We were feeling a little down because earlier in the day all of our lessons with people feel through. We had the prompting to walk down Alejandro Vial and stop at some apartments and do some contacting. The man who opened the door named Joanot asked us who we were and why we had name tags. We talked to him and told him a little bit about the gospel. Then we invited him to the Church at that moment to share a lesson. It was the best lesson! The Spirit was so strong and clear! After testifying is the Book of Mormon he just sat there for a minute and cried. He looked up and said that he had been waiting for such a long time to hear something like this and to feel Gods love. He has been searching for this feeling of the Spirit his entire life and he said he knew all that we taught him was true. He has a small issue with baptism because he has already been baptized but he told us he will think about it and wants to learn more! He also told us that when we came to the apartment complex, something told him to answer the door and he had no idea why. He was feeling extra sad that day and he says that he knows God sent us to him to share this message of Jesus Christ and to talk with him! It was amazing and I know that because we listen to the Spirit and walked down Alejandro Vial, we found a lost soul and we are helping him come to the light, the light of Jesus Christ. 

This week had a moment of terror but also many moments of beauty. I am starting to pretty much understand everything but still working on speaking in normal conversations lol. The Gift of tongues is special. It is when I don't know what a person said and have no idea what the actual word mean but I can understand what they mean and how to help them. That is the "GOT", not being able to all of a sudden be fluent in Spanish
or to understand perfectly what is being said, but to understand what a person meant and how i can help them! It is a special gift and I am so lucky to have it as a missionary! 

I hope you are all happy and have the Spirit with you. It is the best feeling in the entire world and I know it will protect you and give comfort when needed. Until next week, I love you all so much!

Hermana Cribbs

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The One with the One Month!

Okay so I have been in Chile for 1 month today! Sorry i didn't email yesterday, our zone had a member of the 70 come and speak to us so our Pday was switched to today. (Thursday) The conference was amazing and all about not being afraid to share the Gospel. I know that before my mission, I would almost never think to talk to someone at the grocery store or on the street about the Gospel. But now that is all i do and i love it. So don't be afraid to share your testimonies with friends or family. Share the light of Jesus Christ!! This week was great and it had many moments that were so amazing. 

A few days ago we met and taught a young girl named Francisca who is 13. We talked with her and then taught her the first lesson. She was so interested. She had many questions about how we can have the Holy Ghost with us and who Jesus Christ really is. We explained how Christ is our older brother and our Savior, but my favorite part and main point that we taught Francisca was that Jesus Christ is our friend. She loved this word. She never thought Christ could be our friend. I was able to share with her my feelings of my Savior Jesus Christ and how he is truly my best friend and always there for me. We are challenging her to baptism on Sunday and even taking her to another baptism to see what it is like. It was the greatest thing to see how happy this little 13 year old was when we talked about the Gospel. It was beautiful and a reminder to me of why I love missionary work. It is the feeling like no other other to help someone see the same light that I see; the light of Jesus Christ. 

So this Pday we played soccer again but it was all the gringos versus the Latinos...... I bet you can imagine how that went!.... yea i am pretty sure that not a single gringo even touched the ball more than maybe 3 times in like 1 hour... I ended up just sitting down in the middle of the field while the Latinos play all around me... It was sooo funny but kinds humiliating. But then it was the gringos turn and we played basketball! WE KILLED IT!! I even made some shots and was considered good. I had a few Latinos ask if i played basketball at Utah State (I had my USU sweatshirt on) I laughed sooo hard and just said nope! Never! LOL. 

This week was great but my time is short... so until next week remember to read the BOM!!!  It is one of my favorite hours of the day when I get to read the BOM for personal study. It will give you strength, peace, comfort, and love from our Heavenly Father. READ IT!! I love you all so much and this Gospel. I know it to be true!

 Until next time,
Hermana Cribbs