The One with 3 Meses

So today is the 21st and that means I have been in the mission for 3 months today. Time is passing so fast but at the same time it passes so slow. It depends on the day and the week. The days are long in the mission, but the weeks pass very fast. I love it here with all my heart, I love missionary work; which is good because ya know.. I am a missionary.

We walk probably 10 miles a day or more. It is a lot but good because I wont get too fat. We never cook for ourselves because we get fed lunch everyday and then we dont eat dinner. We dont need to because lunch is huge.

So this week not much happened. SO last email I said that Chile had their Independence Day but I meant something else. Sunday the 11 was Joven Day. Which was a day that all the young people would do illegal things and go crazy. That is why we couldn't leave the house. This last Sunday (18) was Independence Day. And all we did was eat meet!! ALL WEEK!! Meat meat and more meat! Oh my gosh one day I thought I was going to vomit all over the table because they gave me so much food. Good thing they were really nice because I just explained that I couldn't do it! 

This week we had many lessons that were so awesome and the Spirit was so strong. We are working a lot with inactives. This week we gave 2 of them dates for reactivation! One of them is named Andres and he is 19 years old. When we invited him to be reactivated and attend church 4 times in a row and hold a calling, he accepted. Then he told us that he thinks he needs to serve a mission!! How awesome! He told us that our examples of being missionaries has inspired him to think about serving! Hermana Ruiz and I were thrilled and Just so happy to see someone go from not active in the church and not really having a testimony to wanting to serve a mission!! Ahhh it really was incredible. 
Okay so I keep getting questions about the food. So the food here in Chile is honestly normal. We have rice and meet and salad and normal food. I have not ate anything really strange at all. SO for salads they don't have dressing, it is only lemon and salt. It is actually delicious! We also eat a lot of fruit, oh mayo with everything...., and lots of bread. I am a little sad because I heard such good things about the bread and I don't know why because it is not that great LOL. But yeah, the food in Chile is not weir or anything like I thought. SO this week has been HOT!! It is so hot here and it is only spring. I am scared for summer, but oh well. It is good because more people want us to give lessons in their house rather than just at the door, so that is awesome! 

Well this week was pretty normal and nothing really happened this week. But it was my baby brothers birthday Saturday so that was something!! He is now 14 so if you haven't, wish him a happy birthday! 

I love you all so much and miss you! Hope all is well!! Send me pics!!
Hermana Cribbs


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