The One with the One Month!

Okay so I have been in Chile for 1 month today! Sorry i didn't email yesterday, our zone had a member of the 70 come and speak to us so our Pday was switched to today. (Thursday) The conference was amazing and all about not being afraid to share the Gospel. I know that before my mission, I would almost never think to talk to someone at the grocery store or on the street about the Gospel. But now that is all i do and i love it. So don't be afraid to share your testimonies with friends or family. Share the light of Jesus Christ!! This week was great and it had many moments that were so amazing. 

A few days ago we met and taught a young girl named Francisca who is 13. We talked with her and then taught her the first lesson. She was so interested. She had many questions about how we can have the Holy Ghost with us and who Jesus Christ really is. We explained how Christ is our older brother and our Savior, but my favorite part and main point that we taught Francisca was that Jesus Christ is our friend. She loved this word. She never thought Christ could be our friend. I was able to share with her my feelings of my Savior Jesus Christ and how he is truly my best friend and always there for me. We are challenging her to baptism on Sunday and even taking her to another baptism to see what it is like. It was the greatest thing to see how happy this little 13 year old was when we talked about the Gospel. It was beautiful and a reminder to me of why I love missionary work. It is the feeling like no other other to help someone see the same light that I see; the light of Jesus Christ. 

So this Pday we played soccer again but it was all the gringos versus the Latinos...... I bet you can imagine how that went!.... yea i am pretty sure that not a single gringo even touched the ball more than maybe 3 times in like 1 hour... I ended up just sitting down in the middle of the field while the Latinos play all around me... It was sooo funny but kinds humiliating. But then it was the gringos turn and we played basketball! WE KILLED IT!! I even made some shots and was considered good. I had a few Latinos ask if i played basketball at Utah State (I had my USU sweatshirt on) I laughed sooo hard and just said nope! Never! LOL. 

This week was great but my time is short... so until next week remember to read the BOM!!!  It is one of my favorite hours of the day when I get to read the BOM for personal study. It will give you strength, peace, comfort, and love from our Heavenly Father. READ IT!! I love you all so much and this Gospel. I know it to be true!

 Until next time,
Hermana Cribbs


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