The One with the Second Transfer

This is Francesca, the 13 yr old we've been teaching!

So first I just wanted everyone to know that it is my little brother´s birthday on the 17th and he will be 14! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANSON!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!
So this week was amazing. I have finished one change here in Chile and now I am on my second. It has been a bumpy ride but amazing!! I am jsut loving the people, the work, the language, and everything about the mission. I love more than anything just sharing my testimony with others and it helping them. There is nothing like it. So this week we had a lesson with a Haitian named Roulio. He is great and has such a strong faith, like all Haitians do here in Chile. We taught him the first lesson and the spirit in this lesson was stronger than any other lesson I have been in. It was so obvious that it was there, it was like thick in the air. After the actual lesson and we were closing with our testimonies, i felt prompted to invite him to baptism. I was so nervous because in my head I didn't think he was ready. But of course I know that Heavenly Father knows and I followed the direction of the Spirit. I invited him to be baptized and he just sat there looking at us, he then looked down and it was silent. After a little bit he looked up with tears in his eyes and said yes. I was so happy and joy just overcame me and so did the Spirit. I tried, but i couldn't hold back the tears. It was so amazing and the Spirit just filled the room, Roulio is planned to be baptized on October 19. This was my first extension of baptism with a definite yes as a response. Oh how special this day was and how I felt really has no words. 

On Sunday it was Chile Independence Day so we were allowed to go to church and almuerzo but that was it. We had to stay inside all day long. So we slept and just hung out,  So not much else happened this week. It was full of lessons, walking everywhere, meetings with members, and just missionary things. 

Random Facts about Chile

1. No one says Audios, it is always chao chao. It is always twice in Chile
2. They eat lemon and bread like no other
3. They have words in Chile that are only in Chile
4. They point with their lips
5. They are super sensitive people and get offended by everything!

Love you all so much!! Until next week, 

Choa Choa


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