The One With Prayers

So this week was a week of praying. We have been doing an extra amount of praying this week for our sector, the people, other missionaries, and everything. So it is starting to get a little hard with the people that we teach. We are not having very many progressing investigators and we are struggling with the sector a little bit. So we have been praying extra hard so something to happen.On Monday we went on divisions with the Sister Leaders. While doing so Hermana Ruiz stayed in El Parron and I went to San Bernardo. That day while we were on divisions, Hermana Ruiz had a meeting with a young lady we met on the street. They taught her a lesson and committed her to baptism. This was an answer to our prayers, We are working with Maritza and heading towards baptism. Then yesterday we had a lesson with a menos activo and we committed her and her husband to work to going through the temple. It was a week full of happiness and success. Now, something I learned this week is to not get stressed or worried. If we are doing our part and being worthy to receive help, then the Lord will do the rest. We cannot get down on ourselves when the people don't come to church or keep their commitments. It is all about helping people come unto Christ and planting seeds everywhere we go.

So some fun and random things about the mission. Well first, Hermana Carballo, one of my roommates calls me Marilyn Monroe so now all the latinas call me Marilyn. It pretty funny and this week Hermana Carballo had her 25 birthday so for a present I came out and sang her happy birthday like Marilyn Monroe. It was pretty funny! Also the children in Chile either love me or hate me. They either love my hair or they don't and are kind of scared of a rubia. Usually the little girls love me and they all call me a princess. I think they call me Elsa, but not really sure. Every time I see a little girl in the street they wave to me and say ¡Hola Princesa! It is so cute! 

  These are all the Hermanas in my mission! I know so tiny!
And I get to see my baby Hermana Klein every once in a while which is great!

So also this week I was feeling really awesome in my Spanish. Everyone I meet tells me how impressed they are with my Spanish and ask if I live in a latin country because my accent isn't gringa. They all think I am Colombian because my comp is but also because Colombians are very light and can have blonde hair. When I tell them I am from EE.UU and only have 3 months in the mission, they are shocked. it is a good shock and helps me feel better. So because I talk only in Spanish, when i do get the chance to talk in English, my words are mixed up and sometimes I totally forget a word in English. It takes me a bit to get back into English but I can so easily change back to Spanish. It is weird! So I am loving Chile so much and the people. I love working hard and just helping people. The one thing I missed soo much this week was Cafe Rio (sorry family). No but honestly I was craving it this week and obviously couldn't have it, LOL.

SO this week was great and saw many answers to my prayers. Praying is my favorite and I know that it works perfectly. He always listens and answers, but in his time and way. I always feel love and comfort when I pray and ask for it. The important thing is that we need to have faith that we can receive answers and feel that peace. If we just pray but don't have the faith of receiving an answer, then it is as if we never prayed at all. This journey as a missionary is incredible and I feel so lucky to wear the Lords name on my chest everyday. I just hope that I am always wearing it with honor, I try my best everyday. 

I love you all so much and miss you all! Hope all is well and life is great! Remember to smile and enjoy life. Dont let it pàss you by. Stop and smell the roses. Life is beautiful, so live it! 

Choa Choa, 
Hermana Cribbs


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