Saturday, July 15, 2017

The One with CHANGES and a FAMILY BAPTISM! 7/5/17

JULY 5, 2017
HELLO everyone! This has been a crazy, fun, surprising, and a whirlwind of a week! It started out with the BAPTISM OF GUSTAVO and XIMENA!!!! They both were baptized on Saturday and Confirmed the following Sunday! It was one of the greatest days in my mission! They are now members of the church and are working to be sealed in the Temple one year from now! I was filled with joy to see them both in white and 100% clean! True Celestial Happiness right there! Now, not everything went the ways that we wanted it to go! It is not a real baptism if there isnt at least one problem now is it? LOL. First, the hot water in the church was not working! We could not figure out why it would not turn on and could not get it to work! We said a prayer and we were coming everything we could! We figured out it was the batteries so me and my comp go running to the nearest store to change the batteries! Luckily, close by there is a store that is like Home Depot and they have all types of batteries! We ran there and came back in less that 30 minutes with new batteries! We put them in and finally some hpt water was coming out! BUT the font was already filled up half way, but the baptism was in 1 hour so we did not have time to start over. In the end, they both had to get baptised in cold water, in Chile, in the winter! Poor things, they were both freezing!!!
While we were getting everything ready, finally 5:00 came around and it was time for the baptism... but Gustavo and Ximena were not there nor were they answering their phones!! We were getting really nervous and finally they answered their phone at around 5:15 and i asked them where they were. Gustavo starts explaining to me that they were thinking a lot about how important baptism is, and how they might not be ready, and how they think that are not gonna come because they changed their minds on the whole thing! I was speechless and copuld not even breathe! My hands were shaking and I had no idea what to say! My eyes filled with tears and my heart DROPPED! I was so sad! I had my head down and all of a sudden I heard giggles and laughter... I look up and its Gustavo- he is talking on the phone just on the other side of the door! I was soooooo burnt, and I was crying LOLOLOL! Ximena tells me they are so sorry and gives me a hug and tells me not to worry! LOL they all planned the prank on my because I am gullible! LOL It is true though! 
Ok so then me and Maldonado and the Elders had to do a special musical number and in the middle if the song.... our phone rings and it is President Gwilliam!!!! We hang up and finish the song... it was sooo embarassing!! So after the song we run outside to call PResident back.. it was a VERY unexpected call btw! He asked to speak to me... SO SCARY! He says "Hermana Cribbs I am calling you to be my next Sister Training Leader and you will start your special calling on Tuesday! I need you to come to my office on MOnday for training and then you will be coming to the other side of the mission! Can you do that for me?" I WAS IN SHOCK!!! I said "Of course President, whatever you need me to do, I will do it!"
We finished the beautiful baptism and the next few days I was going to trainings, packing, and saying goodbye to my ward! It was so sad because I was only there for 6 semanas and then I had to leave! 

These pics are my family who got baptized! I love them sooo much and their little baby is the sweetest angel! They always talk about him serving a mission one day in Las Vegas! Hehehe

Dear Parents,
We would like to inform you that your daughter has been called to be a Sister Training Leader in the Chile Santiago South Mission. The calling to be a Sister Training Leader is no small one, and carries with it many responsibilities. President Gwilliam has high trust in the abilities of your daughter. He has called her through inspiration, and is grateful for the willingness she has to serve and sacrifice for those in the area to which she has been assigned. She will serve as a guiding light to those in her area as she follows the inspiration that will come to her, and as she leads in the ways of the Lord, with love, long suffering, humility, and charity.
We thank you for the effort you have put forth to raise a daughter worthy to serve a mission, and to receive this special calling of added service to all those around her. She will undoubtedly move the work forward, and help in the progress and growth of Gods Kingdom here in the Chile Santiago South Mission. We thank you for the service and sacrifice you have rendered and pray that you may be able to recognize the many blessings you are, and will yet receive because of the faithful service of your daughter in the Lords Vineyard.

With gratitude and love from all those serving in the Chile Santiago South Mission,

Elder Christensen
Secretario de Registros
Misión Chile Santiago Sur
La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días

NOW I am the Sister Training Leader (like a Zone Leader) here in the South part of the mission and with a gringa companion from Arizona, HErmana Rand! We are in the same group and we were in the CCM together so we are already friends and it is a blast! I will send some pics! It is a different world here in the South part of the mission! It is more houses but also more like city and also a lot more dangerous! I love it! LOL. I love it here and working with President and the Sisters in my new calling! It is a time for me to learn charity and humility so it is just the best! 

The Fourth of July it was raining and we had changes! It was still fun and of course I was in all red, white, and blue because I am proud to be an American! LOL. 

Well that is it for today! I will be sending pictures! I love you all so much!!!!  


 Baby Thiago and the family!

 Also Pics from the 4th and then wit my comp too! She is the cute one with brown hair! Also with Hermana Gwilliam!

The One with the Colombian Family!! 6/29/17

JUN 29, 2017
Hello everyone, so I am writing and it is Thursday because the system was down and we couldnt write yesterday! I am going the make this short but important!

Ok so we have a family from Colombia who we have been teaching for awhile! We have been trying to put a baptismal date with them for a long time and it never seemed to follow through! There was always a problem or issue that they had to accept the date and commit to be baptized. We have been praying and fasting very long and hard that they can feel the peace and will to be baptized and make this very important and vital step in their life. They had issues with the Word of Wisdom, and issues with tithing to start. With time they told us, you know what Hermanas, we understand know why it is important to make this offering to God and we want to show Him that we love Him so also we are going to keep the Word of Wisdom!! WOW miracles! Then they had to find a house before they should be baptized, so they looked for a house a d they found one in ONE DAY!!! With the faith that me and my comp had in the Lord and also Gustavo and Ximena, they are going to be baptised here THIS SATURDAY!!! WE ARE SOOO HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR THEM!!! IT is just amazing to see how much the Lord can do and all the wonders her does for us when we have the sufficient faith and hope in Him. It has been a crazy couple of days but we are ready and excited for the baptism of a FAMILY this Saturday! They are working to go to the Temple to be sealed in one year from Saturday as well! THIS IS THE WORK OF THE LORD AND SALVATION!!! Bringing families together forever! IT is the best job in the world to be a missionary and to help the people here in Chile! I love being a Sisiter Missionary and serving the Lord with all my heart, might, mind, and strength! I love you all so much and will see you next week! 


The One with ONE YEAR BABY!!! 6/21/17

JUNE 21, 2017
Hello all my friends and family! Exactly one year ago today I started the greatest, hardest, funnest, and most impactful journey of my life; serving an 18 month mission in Santiago Chile for my HEavenly Father. And let me just say that it has been the best 1 year of my life! Full of spiritual moments, hard trials, funny stories, eternal friends, and a new family that I have made here in Chile. I thank the Lord every day for the blessing to serve and help the people here in Chile!

Also this past Saturday was my 20th BIRTHDAY!! YAY ME!!! I am finally 20! LOL and it was the greatest Birthday I have ever had in my life! My dear sweet Helen got baptized! She is my miracle of the mission and had a beautiful baptism. I was able to got to my last ward to see it and then she and the family invited us over to their house afterwards. They had pizza and cake for me with candles and everything! They sang happy birthday and gave me a beautiful scarf and earrings form the south of Chile with old tribal markings from the original tribes here in Chile named Mapuche! They are so cool. THey are soo sweet and Helen was just shining the light of Christ at her baptism! She looked so pretty and was so happy! I was filled with gratitude to my Heavenly Father for letting me be a part of Helen´s life and helping her find the gospel! Best Birthday Present ever!
This is our Colombian Family of Investigatores who gave us lunch and a cake too! 

We are doing great here in my ward with the work! We are finding new people and teaching everyone the Gospel! We are also doing English classes and it is really fun! We are freezing here with all the wind and the cold cold air, but it is way better than when I was dying of heat so I am okay with it! I am just so happy and ready to make these last 6 months of my time here in Chile the best ones yet with hard work, memories, and success! 

I hope you all have the best week! THANKS FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! 

Love you all! 

Work Hard, Pray Harder!
And here is my sweet Helen!!!! 

The One with the Freezing and the Heat! 6/14

JUNE 14, 2017
Hello friends and family!

This week was really normal and nothing really happened! One thing about Chile that I really dont like is the weather! It is all over the place! One day it is hot and we are sweating with all the walking and the next we are freezing because we cannot warm up! It is terrible and more than half the mission is sick because of this! So this week has been full of this and terrible weather. There is a lot of pollution here in Santiago so many days we walk outside and we cannot even see in front of our faces! It is aweful! But what can you do, as missionaries we will go out and teach the gospel, no matter the weather! 

This week was my mom´s Birthday! I want to make a shout out to her and let her know how much I love her! Mom you are the reason that I am the person who I am today! You have been there for me through it all and have never let me down! You are my biggest support in all things and has been on my left and right from the beginning! I thank you so much for everything you ahve done for me and for all the love that you have shown me! I love you so much! Happy Birthday! 

Things are going great in the work and we are loving it! We have a family from Colombia who want to get baptized so that they can one day be sealed together forever! It is the most amazing thing! We are working with them so that they can enter the waters of baptism so that one day they can enter the doors of the temple. This really is the goal for all the people we teach! It is the best to help explain to this little family that they really can be together for all time and eternity. The expression on their faces when we were able to explain that... most priceless thing ever! 

I hope you all have a great week and always remember who you are! LOVE YOU ALL! 

Work Hard, Pray Harder!


Happy early birthday chammy!!!! I can't believe that you are going to be 20!!!! You are getting so old!!! Lol. I am so happy that you get to have a birthday in Chile! It will be awesome.

Wish I could send this cupcake and ice cream right to your door!! Love you, dad


Happiest of Birthdays to you my sweet Hermana!
This is the most unique birthday you have ever had! In another country, experiencing another culture, and representing the Lord Jesus Christ by teaching the gospel! Love, Mom



The One with the Talent Show!! 6/7/17

JUNE 7, 2017
THis week was one of the FUNNEST weeks I have had and one of the MOST DRAMATIC! Ok, bad things first... we live with 2 other Hermanas in the house and they exploded!! One of them is really sick with an infection in her stomach from bad chicken she was given and her companion was angry that they couldnt leave the house! Oh boy what a problem this was in the house! My comp and I were like afraid of what was going to happen and we were like the peacemakers in the house.. but it really was a mess! SO much drama and girlish things.. and people ask me why I had mostly guy friends in high school and college... LOL. In the end, they had changes of companions. We are really happy because all we want is to feel the Spirit in the home and to do missionary work! Feeling the Spirit where we live is so important. I realized that I could not function without the Spirit in my home. We could not study, could not plan, or really do anything with how we felt in the house and the way it was. Make sure to act in such a way that you can always feel the Spirit in the home! We need Him every second of everyday!

OK, good stuff now!! Our ward had a talent show!!! Us and the elders we did a huge dance! We of course had permission to do so! We did a miz of the chicken dance, the Hoedown Throwdown, the Whip, and the Cueca (the traditional Chilean dance). OH MY GOODNESS it was soo fun and hilarious! My comp and I were in country clothes and the elders like gangsters! It was awesome!! It was one of the funnest nights in my mission! We also had a family of investigators come and they made food for the Talent Show! It was delicious! I loved being able to dance and have some fun with our ward and the members. I made the dance and had to teach it to the other 3 but it came out super good and it was just a good time. One thing I love about the mission and my sweet Chile is that the people really make me feel right at home! I love it!! I never want to leave the mission. It is changing me and changing my life! 
Well that is all i got! I love you all! 


Hermana Cribbs 
Viana, Klein, Maldonado

The One with Nothing Really Happened! 5/31

MAY 31, 2017
Hello Friends and Family,

I hope all is well and that your week was a little bit more interesting that ours! This week I was sick and so was my companion. There is a stomach virus floating around in the mission and I got it! It is terrible! I was so sick that I couldn't leave the bed and we just slept for hours ad hours! TERRIBLE! But it is okay because now I feel much better! 

I am in a new ward and a new sector. It is weird to be in a new place and see new people. The ward is really small and different from my last one. It will take some getting used to and a good attitude for sure. It a good thing I have one! 

This week I have been thinking a lot about families. It is so important that we have a good and solid relationship with our families. Here on the earth we have many things but family is one of the most important! We need to cherish the times that we have as a family and hold close to us the people we love. Here in the mission I have the chance to share about eternal families with everyone and it is one of the best and easiest things to share.  I mean who doesnt want to live together forever with their families? EVERYONE does I would think! Speaking of families this week we were able to do a service project for a family from Venezuela move houses. They were living in a room at the nursing home because they had no place to live. They are a family of 5 with 3 kids of the ages around 15 (boy) and two little girls ages 13 and 9. We helped them move into their own little space with all their things. I thought they were moving into a house or a department but we ended up going to another nursing home to a single room. It is a room smaller than the room I had at my house in Vegas and with 3 twin beds and an old television set and 3 little drawers... that is it. I looked around the little room as we helped bring some things in and felt my heart sink. THe mom began to tell us the story of what happened. they are a family who moved here from Venezuela hoping for better opportunities. They had to leave the nursing home and someone offered this little room fr their whole family. The mom began to cry as she just thanked God for all the blessing she has been given and for her little room with 3 twin beds so that her children didnt have to sleep outside in the cold. SHe looked at us and just thanked us for our help and for sharing the love of the Lord. I couldnt hold back the tears as they rolled down my face. I have never been put in my place so fast and just felt so prideful and needed to be humbled. This family has NOTHING and was only giving thanks.. never complained. I remember how many times I complained because I didnt have "the next big thing" or a better phone that worked better. This family taught me so much and I have never felt so humbled and grateful for all that I have in my life! 

This experience was one in a life time for me and changed the way I look at things! I am so grateful for everything I have and for my sweet family!

I dont have much time, so until next week! 



The One with the Series of FORTUNATE Events! 5/24

Hello everyone! This week was great and it was one of the best that I have had in my 11 months in the mission!! My companion and I have been working very hard these last few months to put a baptismal date and to have a baptism! But it was just not coming! We were a little down and we were a little confused on what Heavenly Father was doing! It was a few months of stress and hard hard work. I felt that I was doing my part but the miracles just werent coming! I remember at one point I even said.. "I have gone my furthest and I cant seem to go anymore!" Well once I hit this point, I really learned to put 100% trust in the Lord and having "a perfect brightness of hope" (2 Nefi 31:20). This is when I learned the patience part! WE LEARN DILIGENCE WHEN WE DO OUR PART AND THEN WE LEARN PATIENCE WHEN GOD DOES HIS! It was a time that I needed to learn patience and learn the difference of things I could change and the things that I cant! It was a time difficult, but important and vital for my personal growth here in my Chile! Just when I thought I could not go anymore, HEavenly Father pushed me ONE STEP MORE!  Well as we were continuing to work and learning to depend on one another and on our Father in Heaven... a MIRACLE HAPPENED! We had a lesson with an investigadora for the third time! We taught her about the Gospel of Christ and had the intention to put a baptismal date with her! We got there and taught a lesson that was one of the best lessons I have ever had! In the end she looked at us and said "Hermanas I have been searching for this truth my entire life and have never been able to find it.... until now with you!" WHAT?? CRAZY! The Spirit was so strong in the room. It was calm and feelings full of happiness. She then asked us if she could get baptized and that she knows she needs to be baptized! We put a date with her right away and it happens that she is going to be baptised June 17.. my Birthday! BEST PRESENT EVER! Her name is Ellen and she is the Miracle that I have been working for. Hermana Viana and I have grown together so much and because of our hard work and trust in the Lord, we found our Miracle Ellen!
Well the next day we went to visit another investigator we have been teaching. He is addicted to Cocaine but has a strong testimony of Heavenly Father and loved the Gospel. The last lesson we had with him we talked about Baptism but he had to run to work and we couldn't finish the lesson! So when we met with him the next time and we asked him how he was and what he remembers from the past visit, he just sat there for a minute or two and was silent. Then he looked up and said softly but with assurance "Hermanas I have been thinking about Baptism, and I really want to get baptized!" I could not believe what I heard! It was another Miracle! Daniel has plans to be baptized on the 10th of June! I cant wait! 

It is a real testimony builder to me that the Lord hears and answers prayers. If we do our part, He will do His and we need to have 100% faith in Him that He will do so! Also Heavenly Father answers prays when he wants to and when the time is right for Him and the people. I would have liked to see these Miracles a little earlier because I had Transfers!! YUP! I left Brisas and the Stake to another one! Right before our two Miracle Baptisms I had to leave! I left the house that I was in my entire mission.. 11 months in the same stake and house!! A long time for a missionary so it was my time to leave!  I am now in a sector named Las Avenidas with my new companion named Hermana Maldonado!! She is from Argentina and she only has about 4 months in the mission. She is in the same group as my last comp Hermana Viana. I am the 2nd comp of Maldonado! She is super sweet and really fun!! She has a personality really open and she is not shy at all.. opposite from my last comp so I am excited to see how we get along and work together!

So this week was a week full of very fortunate events! I miss you all and love you all so much!!! 

Until next week! 
This is Ellen, our Miracle! And my new comp and the view from my new house!

Also a few families from Brisas when I said goodbye to them! 
Work Hard, Pray Harder!

heremana Oliveira went home! We were able to go to the airport! MORE PICS! 


Friday, July 14, 2017

The One with a Happy Mothers Day! 5/17

This week really was amazing for us! We had a great week full of hard work and I was able to see my beautiful family and wish my mom a HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY! Everything that I am I owe it to my mom. She is the reason I am who I am and why I am here today. She has taught me everything I know and has always been there for me 100% of the time. She has more Christ-Like Attributes than any other person I know. She is the biggest example to me of how i need to live my life and how to be a true Daughter of our Heavenly Father. I am in forever dept to her and owe her everything. Thank you mom for everything you have done for being a true example of strength and never giving up! You are my inspiration and one of my greatest blessings I have! I love you to the moon and back!!

So this week we had a lot of success with some of the investigators that we are teaching. We had about 7 investigators in our ward between us and the Elders and that is many for our mission! It was a blessing for sure! We are really blessed as missionaries with the ability to help people in remarkable ways. We have an investigator who has a Cocaine addiction! It was kinda scary at first to start teaching him because we had no idea how to help him and we weren't sure what to teach or how to go about it. But the Lord blessed us with the Gift of Tongues and we have been bale to help him so much! HE is going to church and we are working towards baptism with him! We have already seen a huge change in him! He is going to a 12 step program that one stake has here and taking the missionary lessons from us! It really is a miracle to see the change and how really the Gospel makes all the difference for EVERYONE! No matter what the problem is or how far off the path we may be.. the Atonement and Gospel is for every single person here on the earth! And I have the change to help bring this to pass! What a blessing and miracle this is in itself! WOW I am so lucky and so grateful to my Heavenly Father for this! 
Well that is really all I got this week! Until next week! 

Work Hard, Pray Harder!

The One with the Huge Fire! 5/10

May 10th
Hello Friends and Family, I hope all is well and everyone is doing great. I am warning everyone right now that writing this email in English is one of the hardest things I do in the week, so forgive the errors and how I speak..
This week was one for the books with a lot that happened! CRAZY! The first thing that happened was we had an activity called  Capilla Abierta and it is like a tour of the church and us the Hermana Missionaries are the one who do the tours! It is really fun and a great way to share the Gospel. SO I got a call form Elder Willnauer, the Elder in the couple missionaries and coordinators of the Capilla Abiertas, and he asked us to go to LAS ARAUCARIAS. Now this is a part of the mission where the Hermana Missionaries are not allowed to go under any circumstances. My companion and I were a little confused on why he would send us there, but he also asked the Sisters that we live with to go there as wll, so we just went with the flow. As we were on our way and finally got on the bus to go, I had a really bad feeling about where we were going! I called the district leaders to ask a question and they asked us why we were going to Las ARAUCARIAS. We explained to them that we got a call and we were asked to help over there. THey hang up and once they did I felt really bad. I called Elder Willnauer right aways to ask if he was sure.. when I called him he freaked out that he had sent 4 Hermanas to the one part of the mission where we cannot go because it is the most dangerous! He told us to get off the bus immediately! Luckily we had only moved about 3 feet and we had the bus driver stop the bus so that we could get off! It was a blessing that we were able to listen to the Holy Ghost and get off the bus and know that we were in danger. I am grateful for the promptings we were given. Our District Leaders called us again in the middle to tell us that they too felt that it was not right for us to go there on a Sunday night! I am glad they had the whispers of the Spirit as well to help us out! SO that was a little bit of an adventure and also scare! 

BUT not as big of a care as what happened a few days later! We were eating lunch and all of a sudden the factory behind the house we were in started smoking! We had to go with the hermana like crazy to notify someone! She was driving sooooo crazy and fast! We had to notify the police and fire people!! It was soooo scary! Then all of a sudden there was an explosion!! There was fire everywhere!!! and the hermana had her son sleeping inside so she ran in like a crazy woman trying to save him! The Elders of our ward were in there too and we were soo worried about them! All of a sudden we see them jumping the walls to help out the fire out! There were helping save the house before the fire department could get there! It really was scary! The fire was massive and it was sooo close to the house of the hermana! We were all scared and trying to help save the house! Luckily no one got hurt and neither did the house! BUT it was a huge huge scare for everyone!! I have never been more scared in my life. The entire house was black inside and we couldnt breathe when we were trying to help! My comp and I stayed outside on the other side of the house with the Hermanas 6 year old son while he was crying! The Elders were helping and people in the neighboring houses! They finally were able to get the fire out... but it was massive! Really got my heart going!! 

So this week was great and adventurous! Also we had a great Pday with the goodbye party for my old companion Hermana Oliveira! She goes home in about 2 weeks to Brasil. I am going to miss her so much!! It is the hardest part about the mission. saying goodbye to your closest friends who live in different countries! But luckily with all the technology.. It will be ok! 

I hope everyone has the greatest week! 
All my love! 

The One with Ward Conference 5/3

Hello all! This week was great!!! We had many activities this week with the ward because it was Ward Conference this week! We had something every day of the week as a ward. We had a Family Home Evening with the ward and we had an investigator go with us! He had lots of fun and was able to mesh with the ward a little bit. This step is so important in the work, for the inv. to feel welcomed and loved by the ward! I love the ward I am in because they always do this part so well and really take care of the people we invite to know the Gospel. Honestly missionary work and work of the members is one team, and that is the way it should be. We also had a huge once as a ward. Once is what they do here in Chile is place of like dinner. They dont eat dinner, only lunch (but huge) and then they have once at like 8/9 at night. We ate as a ward and then we had a few members sing and some young men play the guitar and sing. It was soo good and we had an absolute blast!!

So this past week I have been really sick and didnt have a voice hardly at all. I was asked on Sunday to preform a special musical number..... and I had to sing a solo!! We had a member on the piano and the other member on the flute. I sang "I know my Redeemer Lives". It was beautiful and I felt the Spirit so strongly. All week it was hard to practice and it didnt really sound good but then on Sunday when I sang, it was easy and came out the way I wanted it. The Spirit in the Conference was so strong! Here in the mission I seem to have the ability to feel the Spirit stronger than I ever have before. It is the feeling of strength and love form God. I invite everyone to seek this feeling everyday. It will give you everything you need to move on and to endure all the trials we may have. I can promise you this. I have felt it and have seen the miracles in my daily life because of this feeling! The Spirit of God is truly the most powerful force here on the Earth. It is how we communicate with the Heavens above. 

I dont have much more to say for this week, but I hope all is well and everyone is happy and seeking the best that life has to offer every single day! Love you all!!

The recording is From: Karen Viana Pinto Juan Carlos Parra Arenas
I recognized my friend Hermann in it (the guy who accompanied Sis. Cribbs' musical number in ward conference with his flute). So Chambray has finally met my friend in Santiago. What a special surprise.

And not only that, but I was talking with Hermann recently, and I asked if he could send me a recording of his flute playing, and he sent me a recording of the musical number he and his friend did together with Hna. Cribbs! So I'm attaching it to this message, so you can all hear her sing en español.

Con aloha,