The One with the Bad Chicken

October 12, 2016
So this week was great and I cannot really tell ya why. I am just happy all the time and have never felt this pure joy in my life before. It is like I am always on cloud 9 and it isnt because we a baptism every week, or at all for that matter, but I am just happy. I feel my Saviors love, and that is all I need. Anyway this week was wonderful! There was one day though that wasnt my best. We had almuerzo that was rico! But about 3 or so hours later I was not feeling so good and I was feeling a little OFF.

Okay so the computers here are not very good and always flip out and just send stuff LOL sorry! But anyway, I felt off and I ended up sick and throwing up! I was in the bed all day the next day and was suffering. I think we atre bad chicken because my comp wasnt feeling too good either. I received a package the day before though from my sweet mama with all sorts of good music so I was okay and did some extra studying. It wasnt my best day but things could always be worse.

Anyways so we had a lesson this week with this man that we have never actually sat down and taught before. He had questions about why it was okay for Nephi to kill Laban when the commandments say not to kill. We began to explain that the Lord commanded Nephi to do so for the benegit of the people. Then the man stopped me and began talking about the KKK. HE said that since the KKK believed that black people were bad and needed to be killed and that the KKK were told by God to kill blacks. He told us that Nephi was like the KKK and a horrible mad. I was dumbfounded at how a person all the way over here in Chile would think that and say that. I was sweating bullets..... My comp doesnt know about the KKK but changed the subject and simply we told him to pray about that and just ask God. We told him that obviously Nephi isnt like the KKK but that we was a prophet of God and helping his people to get the records. It was really strange and quit awkward! 

So we had 2 investigadores get married a few weeks ago! It was soo cute and they are darling. We are working with them on baptism and hopefully a temple marriage. One thing I have learned is that the goal for people is not baptism, it is the Temple! Temples are where we want our investigadores to get too. That is where Eternal Life starts. It was beautiful and I love them so much. I honestly love the people here so much. I love teaching them and helping them. I love serving them!! So this is all this week! 

 Some pics of the marriage and some Peruvian food I ate that was sooooo good!!!
Until next time, 

Hermana Cribbs 


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