The One with the BEST General Conference EVER!

October 5, 2016

 OK so this week was great and full of wonderful events. The main thing was Conference! Oh my goodness it was the best one in my entire life. I loved every single talk and took over 20 pages of notes LOL. It was so inspiring and was all about missionary work! Well for me anyway heehee. One of my favorite quotes was "When you turn to the Book (BoM) you turn to the Lord". THIS IS SO TURE! The Book of Mormon is everything and how we look to the Lord. I invite all of you to read it and read from beginning to end. There is something special about reading it from cover to cover. It is my favorite book in the entire world. Every verse has an answer to a question. Every verse is meant for us individually. It is the most powerful tool we have, so lets use it! I also loved another quote "Just serve". How simple these two words are, but how strong! It is so ture that if we just serve, everything is better. All we have to do is love and serve others. It is an answer to everything. I love service and being a missionary, that is what we do all day everyday. It is the best! I feel so much closer to my Savior when I serve his children and my brothers and sisters. My heart swells with love and joy when I serve others. I know why Christ lived His life serving others. It is the greatest thing we can do... SERVE!! "Just Serve"!! 

This week we had a wedding of one of investigadores. They believe in marriage before anything and were engaged when we met them and starting teaching them. Joanot is progressing but slowly because he has firm beliefs in another church but we keep up with him and we have hope that one day he will want to be baptised and then go through the temple! He always loves our messages and loved hearing about the Gospel so there is firm hope! Then on the same day we had divisions with the missioaries in the CCM!! I took part of my sector and had to lead it with a missionary who has never taught people before, kind of life training. I was so scared but it was awesome and it felt good to show her the ropes LOL. Something about the mission is that I never feel ready to do something, I just do it. I didnt feel ready to lead my sector but look, I did it. I still dont feel prepared to be out her, but I am doing it. If we do our best the Lord will do the rest. 

Also this week my comp and I were called to serve as the first and second counselors of the YW. I am not sure how that is going to work, but again, Im just gonna do it. LOL. I am excited though because we get to work with the youth and have different experiences with that. This week was great and full of the Spirit, so of course it is great. We went bowling today for Pday and boy am I out of practice LOL. The mission is hard work, but it is so much fun and rewarding. Remember to serve with a smile!! Love you all so much!! 
Until next week,
Hermana Cribbs


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