The One with Colombia

Hello friends and family! I hope you are all happy and living life to the fullest. Life is so beautiful and we need to live it to the fullest everyday! I am doing awesome here in Chile like always. We have our 2 investigadores with fetchas and we are working hard with them. One of them was able to come to church on Sunday. He looked at us probably every 15 minutes and just smiled and said "I feel good, I feel really good". HE doesnt speak much Spanish so his sentences are always simple. It was amazing to see the Spirit just overflow during sacrament and the classes. I know that Selio was a person already prepared my Heavenly Father to hear the Gospel! He is just great and super excited for his baptisimal date!  I gave a talk on Sunday and they wanted me to speak for 15 minutes. I was super nervous because that is a lot, and in Spanish?? Oh no! I was freaking out. But once I got up there all of my nerves were calmed and my Spanish was smooth and easy.  I ended up talking for 25 minutes!!! I guess I give long talks in both English and Spanish! LOL I just like to talk! 

So today for Pday we got together with most of the Columbians in the mission. My comp is Colombian and we went to eat Colombian food. It was soooo good! So much food but oh it was delicious! We played futbol too. So here in the mission every single person thinks I am Colombian, I guess I have picked up my companions accent and say words that are only Colombian. It is pretty funny!! Also because I have a Latina comp I am starting to forget some English... it is weird! When i talk in English with the other Gringo missionaries we tlk in Spanglish because we have forgotten what some words are. It is pretty funny! I also think in SPanish most of the time and sometimes dream in Spanish! It is crazy weird!! I love it!! 

This week wasn't too excited but some highlights were: 

One day we were walking and some kids were playing with waterballoons. They saw us and thought it would be funny to through one at us, so they did just that. We didn't really run or anything because it wasreally hot and we thought it might feel good and refreshing..... IT WAS FILLED WITH MUD!!! We had black and brown all over our legs and in our shoes and on our skirts..... those rotten little boys! We ended up laughing because what else were we gonna do? But seriously rotten! 

Another day we had once with a cute old lady and her sister. We sat out on her patio and drank dome tea and ate cookies. It was literally so cute and I felt like we were in England or something lol. 

We had divisions with the CCM again and my comp was from  Peru and so cute.

Ummmm yeah that is about it this week.  I am still loving the work and never want to take off my name tag. This is the work of the Lord and it is the best thing I could be doing.  I have never been so happy!! 

I love you all so much!! 
Until next week...


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