The One with the Last House

Here in Chile right now is summer and EVERYONE and their dog are on vacation! We were struggling to find people to teach and doing A LOT of walking in the hot, boiling sun. It cooled down here for like 2 days then it went right back up and we are dying. As many of you probably noticed I am very tan, which is so annoying that I can finally tan while I am on the mission and have the worst than lines ever! ALSO the stupid sun is literally BLEACHING MY HAIR! MY hair is no longer blonde, it is white! There is also chlorine in the water here so I am a little green. Also I am very large in the stomach are and ganing wait. Least to say, the mission is a little rough... but it is okay because it is all about the people here and not about me right? RIGHT! 

This week, like I said we were doing a lot of walking and searching for people. One day we walked and walked and walked for about 3 hours and NOTHING! We were just about to give up and go visit some members to do some visits but we both said, ONE MORE HOUSE, ONE MORE HOUSE! We knocked on the door and just prayed that we would be able to talk to someone. At that moment a man came out and talked with us for a little bit. We started talking about Christ and how He is the most important person. The man (Juan) agreed. I decided to bluntly ask him if we could share a message with him, he said "Right now?" And then I said with a huge smile "YES RIGHT NOW!" He opened his eyes a little wide and said, "Oh, okay then." We shared a lesson with Juan and he told us how much he liked what we were sharing. He told us to come back latter in the week to learn some more. We were so happy and of course said yes! It was a blessing of our hard work and diligence. I learned this week that if we can push until the end and just keep working hard with a full heart, we will be blessed!! Juan was at THE LAST HOUSE, and he was a blessing for us missionaries. 

This week we all know that it was Valentines Day. Welllll Hermana Knechtel and I had a very awkward and hilarious experience yesterday with that. We totally forgot that yesterday was Valentines Day, so while we were contacting we saw an hermano walk into his house all dressed nice and with a soda or something. We waved to him and he went inside his house. We were tired and needed some water so we thought, oh we will just go an ask Hermano Rodrigo. Now, he and his wife are newly weds without children and it was Valentines night.. We went to the house and rang the doorbell and right when we did we saw that Hermano had the whole deal set up with lights, flowers, the drink on the table, music, and the whole shabang! We immediately felt soooo awkward. Knechtel looked at me and said, "We gotta go man, we gotta go!!" So we left and went to the side of house. We were hoping he didnt know it was us. Well, the phone rang and it was Rodrigo! I answered and he said "Hermanas why did you leave?" I laughed and just told him I was so sorry and not to worry! He said "No No what do you need, dont worry, dinner hasn't started yet!" I told him  we just needed some water and he told us to come by. We walked in the house and his wife was upstairs getting ready. There was love music playing (in English too) and the lighting was low and he was cooking her a fancy dinner. So on their loving and nice Valentines Day Dinner, the two gringa hermanas are there drinking their water... we were trying our hardest not to laugh and spit water all over the place. I never drank a cup of water so fast in my life.... we were feeling real uncomfortable! We hurried and left and Hermano Rodrigo was just like thanks for stoppping by!! OH MY GOODNESS we died of laughter after! SOOO awkward and funny! Leave it to us to ruin someones Valentines Night! Good gravy! LOL

So that was a funny story from this week. That is all that happened crazy or out of the ordinary really. Lots of contacting and lots of hard work here in Chile. I love you all so much and have you all in my prayers! Love you! 

Work Hard, Pray Harder.

Some of our email responses...

That is right mom! I can honestly say mom I can see my changes and my growth. I can feel that the mission is changing me and I am my own most converted investigator! The mission in the best part if my life. I now can see why my gymnastics dreams didnt really all work out, it is because Heavenly Father had another path for me, and even better one. I am seeing that we are always happier if we can jsut do and follow Gods will. It is the greatest lesson!  I have you and dad to thank as wel for teaching me and being there for me! I am forever grateful!

Jason Cribbs

Feb 15

to Chambray, me
You will have MANY examples of what to do, and what not to do, from growing up as part of the Crazy Cribbs Clan.  Don't tell lies as they can lead to addiction and the destruction of a family.  Be forgiving, even when it isn't easy.  Don't try to land a vault with both knees straight as you might hyper-extend them both!  All kinds of things you can learn here baby!

Crying crying crying.... Right here in the bathroom😬😀 lol!! I love you so much it hurts honey! When difficult times hit, cause you know they have, and you know they will, kneel down and look up to your Father in Heaven.... He will never steer you wrong!

Marissa just told me last night of this exact experience and example. She said yesterday morning she went to seminary and she had a thought, " did I turn in my homework assignment?".... Then she thought, well that's weird because I know I did it last night, but the thought occurred to her,  did I actually turn in or did I just submit it?  It was due at 8 AM that morning. So she decided to really quickly go online and check to make sure that it was in fact submitted. She went online and discovered that she had uploaded the assignment, but it had not yet been submitted and turned in. She decided to turn it in at 7:55 AM she turned it in on time for an assignment that was due five minutes later! Marissa told me that she knew that this was heavenly father helping her with the promptings from the Holy Ghost! She knew she was being blessed because she is obedient and she's doing the best she can to be a good daughter of God. therefore heavenly father is blessing her and keeping her protected from harm and danger and failure!!!

We are so lucky to have this ability to communicate with heaven and know our plan of happiness! But even when things don't go our way, it is so comforting to know that if we do it His way, just like you have done chambray, that we will find more happiness than the path that we thought was best for us!

Love my family:)

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