The One with Halloween!

NOVEMBER 2, 2016
So I really don't have much to say this week. I was sick almost the entire week!! For Halloween I spent the day in my bed sleeping and reading my scriptures. My companion was sick last week and this week was my turn. It is bound to happen that both companions get sick when we are together all the time! It was terrible. I woke up yesterday so much better though!! It was an answer to prayers to help me feel strong and healthy. Though it was hard and boring in the house, I was able to organize the entire apartment and clean. It was a good reminder of how when the house is in order and clean, the Spirit can reside with more ease. 
So we had a Zone Conference this week and it was so uplifting. We had a member speak about how we should teach the gospel..... with ENTHUSIASM!! When he started talking about how important it is to always be smiling and happy and positive, all the Hermanas and President turned and looked at me. President then said ¨This is you!!¨ lololol. All the Hermanas were saying how I am the most positive and happy Hermana here. I started to giggle and just nodded my head and said ¨Everything is Easier with a smile¨. Of course at this moment I thought of my sweet mom who taught me that saying and this principle in life. I encourage everyone to look at the glass half full. It makes this easier and more bearable. The mission is hard, but rewarding. Sometimes the only thing we can do it be positive and say lots of prayers.
This is what I learned this week and will continue to learn in my life. I love it here in Chile and the people I am, serving with. I love my sweet companion Hermana Ruiz. She is Colombian and EVERYONE says that I have a Colombian accent! It is  awesome and so much better than a gringa accent! 
Keep smiling and praying! Love you all so much!!!!


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