The One with 6 Months and a Merry Christmas!

DECEMBER 21, 2016
Hello my dearest family and friends, 

     This week was insane!!!! I said goodbye to my companion, Hermana Ibañez. She went home to Argentina and saying goodbye to her was one of the hardest things I have had to do here in the mission! She had more charity than anyone I have ever met. She was an angel for me and I learned so much from here. I just feel lucky h}to have been her companion and her friend. BUUUUUT that means I got a new companion named Hermana Oliveira! She is from Brazil and just the cutest. Actually we lived together when I first came to the mission and so we are already friends. I am really happy with her and am excited to work with her in our sector. I am still in my first ward and probably will be for 4 more weeks. I am happy where I am but at the same time I am ready to see and experience new things. 
     This week we had some powerful lessons. In all of them we just shared our testimonies of the Savior. We taught a lesson about Christmas and the true meaning it has. I love the mission and I think my favorite part is just sharing my faith and testimony about my Savior, Jesus Christ. My testimony of him is honestly what holds it all together. When I have the chance to share my feelings about Jesus Christ, I am filled with warmth in my heart and nearly am brought to tears because I am just filled with love and gratitude. In this time of Christmas it is time to remember Him and to focus on Him. Here in the mission I have the privilege to share His Gospel and hopefully share His light. What an Honor to be able to do so and to do it with joy. The mission is exactly that.. joyous. I am so lucky.. so lucky to have my plaque and to be His Sister Missionary! 
     Also this week we have done a lot of contacting! One day we contacted a street for nearlty 2 hours and knocked on almost every single door. Only talked to 3 people!! We were feeling down and a little distressed and also hot! IT IS SO HOT HERE ANS I AM SO BURNT!!! The sun here burns my skin so we are always like playing a game to find shade lol. But anyway, so at this point we were like ok one more door and it is going to be our miracle! We are going to knock on the brown door and they are gonna come out and we are going to talk to them. We were pumped and had the best attitudes that we could. We walked over to the house and knocked on the door. A little old lady came out and before I could even say a word she said "I am too busy!!!" AND SLAMMED THE DOOR IN OUR FACE!! hahahahaha I was dying! Just the fact that we were like this will be our miracle and then to have that experience.... i lost it and was laughing so hard. My companion was too!!! But I learned something form this moment. Sometimes we have so much faith, we have the right attitude, and we do everything right.... but sometimes it just doesn't go our way. God has a bigger and better plan. And just because we didn't have it got our way, doesn't mean we cant be happy. We need to keep smiling and pressing forward. We took that little experience as a sign that we needed to leave and go to an activity with the stake and all the missionaries. At the activity we did some contacts... lol more contacts... but we had so much success!! It was great and we met so many people! It was a blessing form the Lord. Sometimes we have to get a door slammed in our face to realize that there are so many others wide open! 
    I hope you all have the best Christmas ever and remember that it is all about Jesus Christ. Not about presents, food, the tree, the snow, or anything else. It is about Jesus Christ our Savior and our families. I love you all with my heart and soul. Hope that all is well and all is happy!! 

I love you and FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!


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