The One with all the Goodbyes!

DECEMBER 14, 2016

So these past two weeks my companion has been visiting her past wards and saying goodbyes because she returns to Argentina on Tuesday! Soo we have been saying a lot of goodbyes to everyone! It has been kind of rough for me because I only have 5 months in the mission..... LOL. But at the same time it makes me realize that I am so lucky to still have time in the mission! I love the mission and don't want to leave so I am happy here. 
So this week we had so much happen. These past two weeks we have pretty much just done contacting and trying to find new people, haven't had too much luck, but thats ok, in the Lord´s time. But we have had so many funny experiences! One day we were looking for a lady who we had talked to a few weeks past and we decided to look for her again. When we got to the house she and her mom we outside. Her mom was pretty scary and came right up to my face and asked me what I believed in. I told her that we believe in our Savior Jesus Christ and we are here to share His Gospel with everyone. She went off! She told us that we weren't real hijas de Dios and that we didn't accept our Savior. She told us that we were liars and dont have testimonies. Then all of a sudden she got right in our faces and screamed " I know about your white tunics underneath your clothes!!!! " LOLOLOLOLOL I lost it and was cracking up! We both were. Well first we were confused but once we left and turned the sorner we lost it. Oh my goodness! Then the next day we made a contact with a Jehova Witness. She told us to call Dios Jehova and she got mad at us because we didn't and we called Him Heavenly Father! It was also so funny because this little old lady was yelling at us because we called God the wrong name and we wouldn't change it. WOW some people are so funny! 
But this week we also put 2 dates of Reactivation for inactive members! It was great and we had some wonderful lessons with them! We also got a new Bishop in the Ward! I am so excited because I have the best relationship with the family and he is super excited about Obra de Misional. Well that is what happened this week. I will try to write more next week and send pics cause I don't have any! 
I love you all so much!!

Hermana Cribbs


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