The One where I´m Half Way There Ohhh Livin on a Prayer!! (9 MONTHS!!) 3/22

MARCH 22, 2017
Hello Dear Friends and Family,
This week I completed 9 months in the Mission!! I cannot believe it and how fast time if flying!! I am now half way done with the mission and only have 9 precious months left. It is passing too fast and makes me sad to think of just how fast it is. This has been some of the hardest but best 9 months of my life and I am continually learning and growing! 
This week we had our Stake Conference and I was asked to be in the Choir. We sand 3 hymns and it was beautiful! I had so much fun this week with practicing and helping our my Stake La Cisterna. This is my 2nd Stake Conference here in this Stake because Ive been here the entire time lol. All the members from different wards would come up to me and ask me "Hna Rubia (blonde), you´re still here?" hahahah. I would just laugh and smile and excitingly say "YES I AM!!" I am known as the Hermana Rubia in the Stake because I am the only person in the stake with my Blonde hair.. haha! 
Also this week we had so much success in meeting new people to teach. We made it a goal to literally talk to everyone we see in the streets and just start talking! It was a little weird at first because we were being so bold, but then it got really easy!! We talked to EVERYONE we saw! We have many new investigadores now and people interested in hearing us. It was so much fun and my companion was really getting the hang of just talking to anyone and everyone about the Gospel! That is the idea right and why we are here!
One thing I love most about the mission is how normal it is for me to just openly talk about the Gospel and Christ. I remember I was nervous to do so and have to talk about it to everyone, every second. But now, it is my favorite thing to do. It is so normal and flows so well to just start talking about the Atonement of Christ or something like that. It is the greatest! It is truly living the Gospel to the fullest! 
I dont have much else to write this week, but I want you all to know how much I love my Savior Jesus Christ! He is my best friend and loving older brother. HE is always there for me and comforting me, especially when I need Him most! I am grateful for his Atoning sacrifice for me and for everyone. I am lucky to be his missionary and here in Chile! Best 9 months and I know the next 9 will be even better! LOVE YOU!

Work Hard, Pray Harder! 

My roommates all surprised me with a little party for 9 months and made me signs! When I walked in the house they surprised me and threw flour all over me and screaming "HAPPY 9 MONTHS!!"  

These are some from the Stake Conference and with the Choir!


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