The One with Nothing Really Happened! 5/31

MAY 31, 2017
Hello Friends and Family,

I hope all is well and that your week was a little bit more interesting that ours! This week I was sick and so was my companion. There is a stomach virus floating around in the mission and I got it! It is terrible! I was so sick that I couldn't leave the bed and we just slept for hours ad hours! TERRIBLE! But it is okay because now I feel much better! 

I am in a new ward and a new sector. It is weird to be in a new place and see new people. The ward is really small and different from my last one. It will take some getting used to and a good attitude for sure. It a good thing I have one! 

This week I have been thinking a lot about families. It is so important that we have a good and solid relationship with our families. Here on the earth we have many things but family is one of the most important! We need to cherish the times that we have as a family and hold close to us the people we love. Here in the mission I have the chance to share about eternal families with everyone and it is one of the best and easiest things to share.  I mean who doesnt want to live together forever with their families? EVERYONE does I would think! Speaking of families this week we were able to do a service project for a family from Venezuela move houses. They were living in a room at the nursing home because they had no place to live. They are a family of 5 with 3 kids of the ages around 15 (boy) and two little girls ages 13 and 9. We helped them move into their own little space with all their things. I thought they were moving into a house or a department but we ended up going to another nursing home to a single room. It is a room smaller than the room I had at my house in Vegas and with 3 twin beds and an old television set and 3 little drawers... that is it. I looked around the little room as we helped bring some things in and felt my heart sink. THe mom began to tell us the story of what happened. they are a family who moved here from Venezuela hoping for better opportunities. They had to leave the nursing home and someone offered this little room fr their whole family. The mom began to cry as she just thanked God for all the blessing she has been given and for her little room with 3 twin beds so that her children didnt have to sleep outside in the cold. SHe looked at us and just thanked us for our help and for sharing the love of the Lord. I couldnt hold back the tears as they rolled down my face. I have never been put in my place so fast and just felt so prideful and needed to be humbled. This family has NOTHING and was only giving thanks.. never complained. I remember how many times I complained because I didnt have "the next big thing" or a better phone that worked better. This family taught me so much and I have never felt so humbled and grateful for all that I have in my life! 

This experience was one in a life time for me and changed the way I look at things! I am so grateful for everything I have and for my sweet family!

I dont have much time, so until next week! 




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