The One with Leading the Way 3/08

MARCH 8, 2017
 Hello Family and Friends!

I hope all is well. I am doing great over here in Chile and loving training! My companion and I are complete opposites!! She is quiet, doesnt like it when there is lots of people, doesnt really like to talk, doesnt like to eat, and is very shy. And well we all know that I am contrary to all of those things! So because we are so different, this companionship is smooth sailing! She speaks 10 times better Spanish than I did when I got here so that is awesome. She is an excellent teacher of the Gospel and has a deep understanding of the Doctrine. I am supposed to be teaching and helping her, but actually she is teaching and helping me! What a blessing! 
This week we did a lot of walking and looking for people to teach. Finally people are starting to get back from vacations and so we are getting back in the game of lessons and finding new people! The people here are so nice and I just love them all! I love saying hello to every person I see, and even thought they give me a weird look, they usually say hi back! I love it! 
So with teaching my companion Spanish and living in a house of Latinas, I yet again do not ever speak English! It has gotten to the point where I have forgotten a lot of English and have a hard time speaking it! I CANNOT read out loud in English,, at all! I CANNOT pray in English either! So weird but I love it!! 
I am still as happy as ever and life as a missionary is the best life there is! I hope all is well and everyone is happy!! Sorry for the short email, but dont have much time! LOVE YOU ALL!! 

Work Hard, Pray Harder


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