The One with CHANGES and a FAMILY BAPTISM! 7/5/17

JULY 5, 2017
HELLO everyone! This has been a crazy, fun, surprising, and a whirlwind of a week! It started out with the BAPTISM OF GUSTAVO and XIMENA!!!! They both were baptized on Saturday and Confirmed the following Sunday! It was one of the greatest days in my mission! They are now members of the church and are working to be sealed in the Temple one year from now! I was filled with joy to see them both in white and 100% clean! True Celestial Happiness right there! Now, not everything went the ways that we wanted it to go! It is not a real baptism if there isnt at least one problem now is it? LOL. First, the hot water in the church was not working! We could not figure out why it would not turn on and could not get it to work! We said a prayer and we were coming everything we could! We figured out it was the batteries so me and my comp go running to the nearest store to change the batteries! Luckily, close by there is a store that is like Home Depot and they have all types of batteries! We ran there and came back in less that 30 minutes with new batteries! We put them in and finally some hpt water was coming out! BUT the font was already filled up half way, but the baptism was in 1 hour so we did not have time to start over. In the end, they both had to get baptised in cold water, in Chile, in the winter! Poor things, they were both freezing!!!
While we were getting everything ready, finally 5:00 came around and it was time for the baptism... but Gustavo and Ximena were not there nor were they answering their phones!! We were getting really nervous and finally they answered their phone at around 5:15 and i asked them where they were. Gustavo starts explaining to me that they were thinking a lot about how important baptism is, and how they might not be ready, and how they think that are not gonna come because they changed their minds on the whole thing! I was speechless and copuld not even breathe! My hands were shaking and I had no idea what to say! My eyes filled with tears and my heart DROPPED! I was so sad! I had my head down and all of a sudden I heard giggles and laughter... I look up and its Gustavo- he is talking on the phone just on the other side of the door! I was soooooo burnt, and I was crying LOLOLOL! Ximena tells me they are so sorry and gives me a hug and tells me not to worry! LOL they all planned the prank on my because I am gullible! LOL It is true though! 
Ok so then me and Maldonado and the Elders had to do a special musical number and in the middle if the song.... our phone rings and it is President Gwilliam!!!! We hang up and finish the song... it was sooo embarassing!! So after the song we run outside to call PResident back.. it was a VERY unexpected call btw! He asked to speak to me... SO SCARY! He says "Hermana Cribbs I am calling you to be my next Sister Training Leader and you will start your special calling on Tuesday! I need you to come to my office on MOnday for training and then you will be coming to the other side of the mission! Can you do that for me?" I WAS IN SHOCK!!! I said "Of course President, whatever you need me to do, I will do it!"
We finished the beautiful baptism and the next few days I was going to trainings, packing, and saying goodbye to my ward! It was so sad because I was only there for 6 semanas and then I had to leave! 

These pics are my family who got baptized! I love them sooo much and their little baby is the sweetest angel! They always talk about him serving a mission one day in Las Vegas! Hehehe

Dear Parents,
We would like to inform you that your daughter has been called to be a Sister Training Leader in the Chile Santiago South Mission. The calling to be a Sister Training Leader is no small one, and carries with it many responsibilities. President Gwilliam has high trust in the abilities of your daughter. He has called her through inspiration, and is grateful for the willingness she has to serve and sacrifice for those in the area to which she has been assigned. She will serve as a guiding light to those in her area as she follows the inspiration that will come to her, and as she leads in the ways of the Lord, with love, long suffering, humility, and charity.
We thank you for the effort you have put forth to raise a daughter worthy to serve a mission, and to receive this special calling of added service to all those around her. She will undoubtedly move the work forward, and help in the progress and growth of Gods Kingdom here in the Chile Santiago South Mission. We thank you for the service and sacrifice you have rendered and pray that you may be able to recognize the many blessings you are, and will yet receive because of the faithful service of your daughter in the Lords Vineyard.

With gratitude and love from all those serving in the Chile Santiago South Mission,

Elder Christensen
Secretario de Registros
Misión Chile Santiago Sur
La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días

NOW I am the Sister Training Leader (like a Zone Leader) here in the South part of the mission and with a gringa companion from Arizona, HErmana Rand! We are in the same group and we were in the CCM together so we are already friends and it is a blast! I will send some pics! It is a different world here in the South part of the mission! It is more houses but also more like city and also a lot more dangerous! I love it! LOL. I love it here and working with President and the Sisters in my new calling! It is a time for me to learn charity and humility so it is just the best! 

The Fourth of July it was raining and we had changes! It was still fun and of course I was in all red, white, and blue because I am proud to be an American! LOL. 

Well that is it for today! I will be sending pictures! I love you all so much!!!!  


 Baby Thiago and the family!

 Also Pics from the 4th and then wit my comp too! She is the cute one with brown hair! Also with Hermana Gwilliam!


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