The One with the Freezing and the Heat! 6/14

JUNE 14, 2017
Hello friends and family!

This week was really normal and nothing really happened! One thing about Chile that I really dont like is the weather! It is all over the place! One day it is hot and we are sweating with all the walking and the next we are freezing because we cannot warm up! It is terrible and more than half the mission is sick because of this! So this week has been full of this and terrible weather. There is a lot of pollution here in Santiago so many days we walk outside and we cannot even see in front of our faces! It is aweful! But what can you do, as missionaries we will go out and teach the gospel, no matter the weather! 

This week was my mom´s Birthday! I want to make a shout out to her and let her know how much I love her! Mom you are the reason that I am the person who I am today! You have been there for me through it all and have never let me down! You are my biggest support in all things and has been on my left and right from the beginning! I thank you so much for everything you ahve done for me and for all the love that you have shown me! I love you so much! Happy Birthday! 

Things are going great in the work and we are loving it! We have a family from Colombia who want to get baptized so that they can one day be sealed together forever! It is the most amazing thing! We are working with them so that they can enter the waters of baptism so that one day they can enter the doors of the temple. This really is the goal for all the people we teach! It is the best to help explain to this little family that they really can be together for all time and eternity. The expression on their faces when we were able to explain that... most priceless thing ever! 

I hope you all have a great week and always remember who you are! LOVE YOU ALL! 

Work Hard, Pray Harder!


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