The One with ONE YEAR BABY!!! 6/21/17

JUNE 21, 2017
Hello all my friends and family! Exactly one year ago today I started the greatest, hardest, funnest, and most impactful journey of my life; serving an 18 month mission in Santiago Chile for my HEavenly Father. And let me just say that it has been the best 1 year of my life! Full of spiritual moments, hard trials, funny stories, eternal friends, and a new family that I have made here in Chile. I thank the Lord every day for the blessing to serve and help the people here in Chile!

Also this past Saturday was my 20th BIRTHDAY!! YAY ME!!! I am finally 20! LOL and it was the greatest Birthday I have ever had in my life! My dear sweet Helen got baptized! She is my miracle of the mission and had a beautiful baptism. I was able to got to my last ward to see it and then she and the family invited us over to their house afterwards. They had pizza and cake for me with candles and everything! They sang happy birthday and gave me a beautiful scarf and earrings form the south of Chile with old tribal markings from the original tribes here in Chile named Mapuche! They are so cool. THey are soo sweet and Helen was just shining the light of Christ at her baptism! She looked so pretty and was so happy! I was filled with gratitude to my Heavenly Father for letting me be a part of Helen´s life and helping her find the gospel! Best Birthday Present ever!
This is our Colombian Family of Investigatores who gave us lunch and a cake too! 

We are doing great here in my ward with the work! We are finding new people and teaching everyone the Gospel! We are also doing English classes and it is really fun! We are freezing here with all the wind and the cold cold air, but it is way better than when I was dying of heat so I am okay with it! I am just so happy and ready to make these last 6 months of my time here in Chile the best ones yet with hard work, memories, and success! 

I hope you all have the best week! THANKS FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! 

Love you all! 

Work Hard, Pray Harder!
And here is my sweet Helen!!!! 


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