The One with the Talent Show!! 6/7/17

JUNE 7, 2017
THis week was one of the FUNNEST weeks I have had and one of the MOST DRAMATIC! Ok, bad things first... we live with 2 other Hermanas in the house and they exploded!! One of them is really sick with an infection in her stomach from bad chicken she was given and her companion was angry that they couldnt leave the house! Oh boy what a problem this was in the house! My comp and I were like afraid of what was going to happen and we were like the peacemakers in the house.. but it really was a mess! SO much drama and girlish things.. and people ask me why I had mostly guy friends in high school and college... LOL. In the end, they had changes of companions. We are really happy because all we want is to feel the Spirit in the home and to do missionary work! Feeling the Spirit where we live is so important. I realized that I could not function without the Spirit in my home. We could not study, could not plan, or really do anything with how we felt in the house and the way it was. Make sure to act in such a way that you can always feel the Spirit in the home! We need Him every second of everyday!

OK, good stuff now!! Our ward had a talent show!!! Us and the elders we did a huge dance! We of course had permission to do so! We did a miz of the chicken dance, the Hoedown Throwdown, the Whip, and the Cueca (the traditional Chilean dance). OH MY GOODNESS it was soo fun and hilarious! My comp and I were in country clothes and the elders like gangsters! It was awesome!! It was one of the funnest nights in my mission! We also had a family of investigators come and they made food for the Talent Show! It was delicious! I loved being able to dance and have some fun with our ward and the members. I made the dance and had to teach it to the other 3 but it came out super good and it was just a good time. One thing I love about the mission and my sweet Chile is that the people really make me feel right at home! I love it!! I never want to leave the mission. It is changing me and changing my life! 
Well that is all i got! I love you all! 


Hermana Cribbs 
Viana, Klein, Maldonado


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