The One with the Easter in Chile! 4/20

April 20th
Hello all my family and friends! I hope everyone had the best Easter and were able to really remember the Resurrection of the Savior Jesus Christ! Because he lives, we will all live forever! It was such a beautiful time here in Chile and the Spirit was so strong. We had an investigator come to church and it was one of the best Sacrament Meetings of my mission! The Spirit was so thick we could nearly see it! All the talks were inspired and were exactly what needed Luiz to hear! I was teary eyed the entire time and felt such comfort from my Savior and Heavenly Father! It was unforgettable! Luiz in fact felt the Spirit so strongly that he decided he wanted to keep hearing the lessons! He was an investigator but told us he didnt want anymore of our visits, but then he showed up to church on Sunday and now we are teaching him yet again! Blessings of this sacred and beautiful time of year!
Also, yesterday we had a mini miracle happen with us! We were walking to a members house to share a scripture with them and to see if they were okay! On our way there, I saw a woman outside her house and we said hello and she kindly said hello back, the Spirit spoke to me so loudly and strongly as if it was a man behind me and said "stop and talk to her, she needs you!", I stopped in my footsteps and it was as if I could not take one more step forward. I turned and began to talk to her! She talked to us for a little bit and we asked her if she has any beliefs in Christ and she simply responded "Yes, He is my best friend!" My heart exploded inside with love and joy. I have never heard someone say that to us who weren't members or other missionaries! My heart swelled with pure happiness. We ended up talking to here for a long time and invited her to church Sunday and she agreed to come! It was a blessing for sure. Also, this woman in the street we may never see again, but she was a blessing for me because she reminded me yet again how we should see our Savior Jesus Christ, as our best friend! What a beautiful angel this woman was for me! 
I hope we all can learn from her and see that Christ is our best friend! He knows us perfectly and is there for us no matter what, he listens perfectly, and he never lets us down! HE IS THE PERFECT BEST FRIEND!! 
I love you all so much and hope everyone is happy and smiling through the journey that is this life!


My convert Catalina that I got to see at an activity and now the missionaries are talking to her mom! BLESSING! And also me cooking some brownies at a Family Home Evening! And then me and some friends and my cute companion! 


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