The One with General Conference! 4/5

 APRIL 5, 2017
Hello Family and Friends,
I hope that everyone is well and that we were able to watch or listen to the beautiful General Conference this past end of the week! 
I LOVED IT!! I obviously watched it in Spanish so I am waiting for the Liahona to have it in English too! But it was so powerful and I got so much out of it! One of the things that first comes to my head when I think of General Conference is The Holy Ghost. There were so many talks on the Spirit and the importance of listening to it. When I was a little girl, by that I mean all the way up until the day I left for the mission, my parents would always say "LISTEN; LISTEN THE FIRST TIME!" This is exactly the same with the Holy Ghost. Most of the talks were all about us needing to listen the first time to the promptings of the Spirit. Sometimes we ask and ask for help or answers but we forget to listen! It is like calling someone, asking a question, and before the can answer, hang up the phone! Doesnt work lol! THe Spirit talks to us, softly and quietly, but He speaks to us and all we have to do is listen! 
My Companion and I had a great experience with this this week! We are still looking for new people to teach, as always as a missionary, and we went about it in a different way this time. We looked up names that are in the area book from missionaries in the past. We prayed about it and listen to the spirit to tell us which names we could visit. We came up with 2 names that we felt inspired to go visit. We listened to the spirit. We visited the first house and the woman came outside and talked to us. She told us the Hermanas passed years ago but she couldn't talk to them because she worked all day, but now she is free in the evenings and is now listening to us! We really saw form experience that if we listen to the Spirit and just does what He says, we will be blessed! We listening to what the Spirit told us and we found this woman! THe other name we also visited and ended up having 2 people interested in listening to our message! Miracles happen, when we simply Listen! 
Today we went to the Temple and had the most beautiful experience, like always! I am loving it here in Chile and the mission! 
Be Happy, Be Believing, Be Strong, and Be Humble! 



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