The One with the Flu Shot 4/12

Hello everyone!
So this week, the mission had changes! I am still in the same area and the same companion so I am super happy about that! I will be in the same house and the same stake for about 11 months of my mission! HAHAHA!! I am happy about it because I am in the best stake in the mission! 
So this week we had to get the flu shot! I was not happy about that and I was very nervous because they just did it in the church and the missionary nurse gave me mine! I did better than others though, my friend Elder Moura was crying and had to sit down to get the shot... I felt bad when everyone was telling me to stop laughing.. oops! But it was great because we were able to have another Reunion with President. He talked all about Alma 37-41 and the importance of these chapters to learn basic principles of the Gospel! I love most Alma 37:6-7 which tells us that through the little things, we can see big changes.. or something like that.. I dont remember in English. But it is true! Through the little things that we do, we can see the miracles as rewards. I know that reading the scriptures, saying prayers, and going to church seem small, but it is the only way to see the miracles. THey are the most simple and small things, but they are the most important! I have a strong testimony of ht simple things. If you are going through a trial or feeling a little lost, I invite you to look and see how you are doing with your scripture reading, prayers, and church attendance! I promise it will make all the difference! 
I dont have much else to write about the week! I miss you all so much and love you all! 


I had some time with my sweet trainer Hermana Ruiz!! 
 also a pic of the elders eating the brownies I made! lol
Also this is a Brasilian family in the ward!!!


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