The One with the Earthquakes!!! 4/26

 APRIL 26, 2017
This week was crazy that is for sure!! We had many many many mini earthquakes this week that are called Temblores in SPanish... not sure what they are called in English lol. It is basically an earthquake but smaller! BUT there were 2 that we super strong and we felt very easily! Both of them we were in the apartment on the 4th floor which makes it so we feel them even more! We were falling asleep for the first one and both woke up with pounding hearts! It was awesome!!! Everything in the room was shaking, the beds, the dresser, the closet doors.... everything!! It was kinda scary but more cool than anything!! Then like 2 days latter we had another one and it was very long and even stronger than the 1st! My poor companion has so much fear and cried a little bit! Poor thing! I was loving it!! HEHE! So that is what happened with the Earthquakes!
This week we had a reactivation of an in-active member, her name is ANa and she has 15 years! She is a miracle for us! She has progressed so much and now is all set with her firm testimony of Christ! She is now going to seminary, church, and doing her Personal Progress! For over 3 years she didnt want anything to do with the church and now she is stronger than ever! A real blessing for us missionaries and as her friends!! We also had a married couple who are in-active come to church this week for the first time in over 10 years!! We have been working with them really hard and finally they came to church!! 
This week have been praying to have someone have the desire to get baptized. We have many investigators but dont quit have the desire to get baptized yet, but we keep working with them. So we asked Heavenly Father to lead us to a person who wants to get baptized! We went on SUnday to pick up an Haitiano who is a reference, to go to church. He was not there but his friend Mackenson was there! We talked to him and he told us that he liked going to church and he wanted to go! We were a little shocked but said of course! HE came to chruch with us and loved it! Then he came to an activity we had as a ward and loved that too! We talked to him and he told us that he loves the church and feels good there! He ended up telling us that he wants to be baptized! What a miracle and a straight answer to our prayers!! Heavenly Father hears us and can answer us directly if we have the faith that we need! Mackenson is a blessing and answer to our prayers! 
So some funny things of this week, one day we were walking in the street and there was a dog beind the gate of the house. I started to mess with it and the dop went wild and I was laughing really hard and then all of a sudden the owner looked at me with the weirdest look. My companion said "Hermana Cribbs there is a man looking at us.. stop being weird!!" I laughed and said sorry ad continued to walk by her side. She looked at me and said "You know what Cribbs, sometimes you embarrass me so bad!!" I looked at her and CRACKED up and said "OH great! That means I am your mom for real!!" AHHAHA it was awesome! Sometimes I embarrass her because I say hello to everyone super happily and she doesnt really like that! HAHAHA I am the best mom ever! It is what we do.. embarrass the kids! I know my cute little mom did... in the mission and my real mom lol! 
Well that is all I got for this week chiquillos!! I hope all is well and we are all happy!! 



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