The One with the Huge Fire! 5/10

May 10th
Hello Friends and Family, I hope all is well and everyone is doing great. I am warning everyone right now that writing this email in English is one of the hardest things I do in the week, so forgive the errors and how I speak..
This week was one for the books with a lot that happened! CRAZY! The first thing that happened was we had an activity called  Capilla Abierta and it is like a tour of the church and us the Hermana Missionaries are the one who do the tours! It is really fun and a great way to share the Gospel. SO I got a call form Elder Willnauer, the Elder in the couple missionaries and coordinators of the Capilla Abiertas, and he asked us to go to LAS ARAUCARIAS. Now this is a part of the mission where the Hermana Missionaries are not allowed to go under any circumstances. My companion and I were a little confused on why he would send us there, but he also asked the Sisters that we live with to go there as wll, so we just went with the flow. As we were on our way and finally got on the bus to go, I had a really bad feeling about where we were going! I called the district leaders to ask a question and they asked us why we were going to Las ARAUCARIAS. We explained to them that we got a call and we were asked to help over there. THey hang up and once they did I felt really bad. I called Elder Willnauer right aways to ask if he was sure.. when I called him he freaked out that he had sent 4 Hermanas to the one part of the mission where we cannot go because it is the most dangerous! He told us to get off the bus immediately! Luckily we had only moved about 3 feet and we had the bus driver stop the bus so that we could get off! It was a blessing that we were able to listen to the Holy Ghost and get off the bus and know that we were in danger. I am grateful for the promptings we were given. Our District Leaders called us again in the middle to tell us that they too felt that it was not right for us to go there on a Sunday night! I am glad they had the whispers of the Spirit as well to help us out! SO that was a little bit of an adventure and also scare! 

BUT not as big of a care as what happened a few days later! We were eating lunch and all of a sudden the factory behind the house we were in started smoking! We had to go with the hermana like crazy to notify someone! She was driving sooooo crazy and fast! We had to notify the police and fire people!! It was soooo scary! Then all of a sudden there was an explosion!! There was fire everywhere!!! and the hermana had her son sleeping inside so she ran in like a crazy woman trying to save him! The Elders of our ward were in there too and we were soo worried about them! All of a sudden we see them jumping the walls to help out the fire out! There were helping save the house before the fire department could get there! It really was scary! The fire was massive and it was sooo close to the house of the hermana! We were all scared and trying to help save the house! Luckily no one got hurt and neither did the house! BUT it was a huge huge scare for everyone!! I have never been more scared in my life. The entire house was black inside and we couldnt breathe when we were trying to help! My comp and I stayed outside on the other side of the house with the Hermanas 6 year old son while he was crying! The Elders were helping and people in the neighboring houses! They finally were able to get the fire out... but it was massive! Really got my heart going!! 

So this week was great and adventurous! Also we had a great Pday with the goodbye party for my old companion Hermana Oliveira! She goes home in about 2 weeks to Brasil. I am going to miss her so much!! It is the hardest part about the mission. saying goodbye to your closest friends who live in different countries! But luckily with all the technology.. It will be ok! 

I hope everyone has the greatest week! 
All my love! 


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