The One with the Series of FORTUNATE Events! 5/24

Hello everyone! This week was great and it was one of the best that I have had in my 11 months in the mission!! My companion and I have been working very hard these last few months to put a baptismal date and to have a baptism! But it was just not coming! We were a little down and we were a little confused on what Heavenly Father was doing! It was a few months of stress and hard hard work. I felt that I was doing my part but the miracles just werent coming! I remember at one point I even said.. "I have gone my furthest and I cant seem to go anymore!" Well once I hit this point, I really learned to put 100% trust in the Lord and having "a perfect brightness of hope" (2 Nefi 31:20). This is when I learned the patience part! WE LEARN DILIGENCE WHEN WE DO OUR PART AND THEN WE LEARN PATIENCE WHEN GOD DOES HIS! It was a time that I needed to learn patience and learn the difference of things I could change and the things that I cant! It was a time difficult, but important and vital for my personal growth here in my Chile! Just when I thought I could not go anymore, HEavenly Father pushed me ONE STEP MORE!  Well as we were continuing to work and learning to depend on one another and on our Father in Heaven... a MIRACLE HAPPENED! We had a lesson with an investigadora for the third time! We taught her about the Gospel of Christ and had the intention to put a baptismal date with her! We got there and taught a lesson that was one of the best lessons I have ever had! In the end she looked at us and said "Hermanas I have been searching for this truth my entire life and have never been able to find it.... until now with you!" WHAT?? CRAZY! The Spirit was so strong in the room. It was calm and feelings full of happiness. She then asked us if she could get baptized and that she knows she needs to be baptized! We put a date with her right away and it happens that she is going to be baptised June 17.. my Birthday! BEST PRESENT EVER! Her name is Ellen and she is the Miracle that I have been working for. Hermana Viana and I have grown together so much and because of our hard work and trust in the Lord, we found our Miracle Ellen!
Well the next day we went to visit another investigator we have been teaching. He is addicted to Cocaine but has a strong testimony of Heavenly Father and loved the Gospel. The last lesson we had with him we talked about Baptism but he had to run to work and we couldn't finish the lesson! So when we met with him the next time and we asked him how he was and what he remembers from the past visit, he just sat there for a minute or two and was silent. Then he looked up and said softly but with assurance "Hermanas I have been thinking about Baptism, and I really want to get baptized!" I could not believe what I heard! It was another Miracle! Daniel has plans to be baptized on the 10th of June! I cant wait! 

It is a real testimony builder to me that the Lord hears and answers prayers. If we do our part, He will do His and we need to have 100% faith in Him that He will do so! Also Heavenly Father answers prays when he wants to and when the time is right for Him and the people. I would have liked to see these Miracles a little earlier because I had Transfers!! YUP! I left Brisas and the Stake to another one! Right before our two Miracle Baptisms I had to leave! I left the house that I was in my entire mission.. 11 months in the same stake and house!! A long time for a missionary so it was my time to leave!  I am now in a sector named Las Avenidas with my new companion named Hermana Maldonado!! She is from Argentina and she only has about 4 months in the mission. She is in the same group as my last comp Hermana Viana. I am the 2nd comp of Maldonado! She is super sweet and really fun!! She has a personality really open and she is not shy at all.. opposite from my last comp so I am excited to see how we get along and work together!

So this week was a week full of very fortunate events! I miss you all and love you all so much!!! 

Until next week! 
This is Ellen, our Miracle! And my new comp and the view from my new house!

Also a few families from Brisas when I said goodbye to them! 
Work Hard, Pray Harder!

heremana Oliveira went home! We were able to go to the airport! MORE PICS! 



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