The One with Another Week! 3/15

MARCH 15, 2017

     How is everyone doing? I am doing great here in Chile and just loving the work! I am happy and smiling like always! I am love my cute companion. We are very different so we get along great. She has been able to adapt to the mission a little more and open up to me and so now we are cruising right along and working hard. This week we met a family during some contacting. This family is part inactive and part non-members. It was a miracle for the day because we were desperate to talk to someone. They immediately let us in their house and was so nice!! The people here in Chile are so loving and welcoming.. well most. There are also those times when they are not very nice and like to slam the door in our face... I just laugh it off and move on, my companion still isnt used to it and gets very sad. LOL. She is still new!
      SO this week I was told i am Russian.. do I look Russian??? HAHA I thought it was soo funny! I have gotten that I am from Germany, Switzerland, Russia, and Denmark. It cracks me up! THen when I tell them I am not from Utah but Las Vegas.... that is another story! They like to give me hard times and freak out that I am from sin city but a missionary. HAHAH but, it is a great conversation starter so I WIN! 
      THis week I have been thinking a lot about the attributes of Christ. Mainly dilience and patience. They are the two that i have been focusing on these past few weeks. As a missionary, I have seeen that we are our best when we are working and with urgency and diligence. Then after we put in the work, we may need to wait and learn patience to see a change. Most of the time we learn diligence when we are doing our part and then patience while Heavenly Father does His. They kind of go hand in hand dont they? I love the mission for these experience that I have and to be growing as a person. I can see a huge change in myself and it is for the better! 
     Update on Chile! It is weird weather here now. Freezing in the morning and night but still very hot during the day! The rainy season is starting here so I am preparing myself for that. My Spanish is taking off! I have a hard time talking in English and also reading. Sometimes when I read in English, I dont understand the first like 3 times! WEIRD! It has also picked up a lot with my new companion because she doesnt speak nor understand so i do most of the talking and also explaining! It is way cool actually! I love Spanish but even more I love Chilean Spanish because it is very different., They have a lot of sayings here and weird ways to say things! I LOVE IT! I am Chilean!!! 
     I hope all is well and we are all happy! I miss you all and love you so much! 

Work Hard , Pray Harder!


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